There seems to be a pattern in the fashion industry: as long as an item is around long enough, even if it doesn’t fit the mass aesthetic, it will one day become a trend, and snow boots are such an example. For many years, it has been loved by girls all over the street, and it has been disliked by girls to the point of absolutely not wearing it, and this year, it has made a comeback, will you still love it?

Friends who have bought and paid attention to snow boots in the past two years will find that all kinds of new snow boots are constantly flooding into the market. In addition to brands specializing in snow boots such as UGG, luxury brands such as Louis Vuitton, Dior and Chanel have also appeared in the latest collections, while professional outdoor sports brands such as The North Face continue to dig deep into outdoor demand and launch snow boots suitable for wearing in corresponding scenes.

So what is it that makes the big guys in the fashion industry start the idea of snow boots? The most important thing should be the irreplaceable functionality of snow boots.

Similar to the path of down jackets from ugly functional items to fashion darlings, snow boots, which even seem to have nothing to do with the word “fashion”, can be widely accepted by the public from the starting point is their practicality.

Snow boots first originated in Australia, when Australians wrapped two pieces of sheepskin into shoes and wore them on their feet to keep them out of the cold. During World War I, snow boots were used in the shoes of Air Force pilots, which shows their excellent warmth performance.

Snow boots became popular around the world, starting with their success in the United States. In 1978, Brain Smith, an Australian surfer, sold Australian snow boots to the United States, and surfing, skiing and other sports enthusiasts loved it, so it gradually spread in the United States from California.

Such influence is not enough for outdoor enthusiasts. The watershed that really made snow boots a household name was 2000. Since that year, talk show queen Oprah has included snow boots as her favorite item for seven consecutive years, and that’s when snow boots have become a superpiece for stars around the world.

Now, no matter what country, the popularity of a pair of snow boots on girls’ feet is obvious to everyone, and some people even wear it as a home shoe, which shows its popularity. Fashion consultant Lockie Andrews once published a statistic: “25% of women have a pair of snow boots in their wardrobes”, which is a staggering number.

With the expansion of market demand and the popularity of snow boots, the competition between snow boot brands has also entered a white heat. Not only are more and more new brands seen by fashionistas, snow boots have also become a unique sight in the field of luxury fashion.

In addition to UGG Australia, many brands of snow boots with stylish designs have emerged. MOU Boots is a British brand of snow boots. Its snow boots Gwyneth Paltrow and Cameron Diaz are worn. MOU’s snow boots are made of a variety of materials, with many design details, and the short version of this pair of tweed materials makes people very grassy.

Emu Australia is also relatively well-known, and many bloggers wear it on IG, and the design is very outstanding.

Louis Vuitton’s snow boots use the classic Monogram pattern, and are made of environmentally friendly nylon and soft leather, which have long been popular all over the Internet under the demonstration of celebrity bloggers.

Chanel has also incorporated snow boots into his new collection, and has never seen a more delicate and gentle snow boot in his life.

Brands such as Fendi, Miu Miu, Dior, Prada and others have also taken advantage of the rise of the Apres-Ski style to launch new ski collections.

It is believed that wearing such fashionable snow boots will immediately become a highlight on the snow field.

Especially in the post-epidemic era, people’s demand for snow boots has expanded unprecedentedly, and the snow boot market is like a fairy fight.

If it was difficult to rely on the original appearance of snow boots, it actually reached the current level. Only by breaking people’s aesthetic fatigue and stereotypes of traditional snow boots in a fashionable way can we open up a more high-end and broad market.

Some brands are not satisfied with the winter snow boot business, so they continue to expand their product line so that beauty lovers can buy suitable items in the summer.

Presumably, everyone must have noticed that the furry slippers sought after by fashionable people, as well as the popular plush slippers + fashionable socks, are actually the products of snow boots in the fashion process.

Some brands start from reality and upgrade snow boots according to the current wearing needs. Hunter combines its own powerful waterproof technology with snow boots to solve the shortcomings of traditional snow boots that are afraid of water and dirt.

One of the biggest pain points when wearing snow boots is that their support is not enough, and the feet will feel more uncomfortable after wearing them for a long time. In response to this, Ash has perfectly combined snow boots, sneakers, and fashion shoes, not only high appearance, but also the snow boots themselves have been improved with thin soles and other defects, and the comfort has been greatly improved.

Some brands are more ambitious, expanding the possibilities of snow boot design through co-branding with designers, and even pushing snow boots to fashion week and catwalks.

In 2018, UGG teamed up with trend pioneer Y/Project to release a series of joint models at Paris Fashion Week, although the actual degree of wear is not high, but UGG’s ambition can be seen.

UGG has also launched many sought-after collaborations, including Philip Lim, Jeremy Scott, Sacai, White Mountaineering, Stampd, and more.

Moon Boot is also constantly challenging the creative pinnacle of snow boots. Lisa wore a collaboration between GCDS and Moon Boot in the MV for her new song “Lalisa”; At the launch of Chloe’s Fall/Winter 2021 collection, it also showed off its co-branded model with Moon Boot; The three-way cooperation between Moncler, Palm Angels and Moon Boot is even more eye-catching.

Moon Boot is arguably the most Art-Sense of all snow boot brands, often working on some very brainy projects, such as it invited artist Benedetta Maione to create a series of small comics, let the classic cartoon characters wear Moon Boot, not to mention, it is really cute.

So by the time the reaction came, the snow boots that people were once familiar with had long been different. The sophisticated design has transformed snow boots from a purely functional shoe to a lifestyle and fashion attitude, making people willing to pay for them. Especially in the post-epidemic era, people’s demand for snow boots has expanded unprecedentedly, and the snow boot market is like a fairy fight.

If you want to wear snow boots to look good and thin, in addition to picking snow boots, you must also remember these dressing formulas:

Many people would rather carry them than wear snow boots, largely because it’s bloated. In fact, there are many snow boots with exquisite designs now, depending on whether you can pick them or not.

The most important thing is to choose the corresponding height according to the condition of your legs. Generally, if the leg shape is not beautiful enough, choose Classic Mini or Short, and slippers without heels can also be used, in short, the length should not exceed the calf belly. Boots that are too high will show curved legs and short legs, and long ankles can easily appear soft and collapse, which looks very poor texture.

The looseness of the cuff of the snow boots also directly determines the visual effect. In contrast, the tight tube shape will tuck the ankles thinner, making the legs appear to be relatively slender.

Proper matching can also make snow boots glamorous. The focus is on creating proportions and choosing simple styles. For snow boots, their classic companion is leggings. Snow boots are originally fat shoes, and winter coats are mostly loose, so be sure to wear them with leggings for an elastic balance.

Leggings. Legges reduces the heaviness and accumulation of the lower body, so that there will be no bloated troubles and burdens. Kaia wears this every time she goes to the gym.

Of course, Kaia’s legs are hard to come by. If the leg line is not so good-looking, it is recommended to choose Skinny skinny jeans with a more stylish fabric, which can visually weaken the leg line. Note that the cuffs of jeans must be able to be stuffed into snow boots without dragging mud and water.

If you are not confident in the length and shape of your legs, you can wear a long coat to cover all the places that should be covered.

With better leg shape, you can also boldly try leather pants, the lustrous material of leather pants collides with the softness of snow boots, there will be a richer sense of layering, and there is more sexy and handsome charm.

It is not recommended that girls with fleshy legs wear loose pants to cover their legs, it is really difficult to achieve the effect you want. If you want to cover your flesh, you can try corset sweatpants, but the popular combination of corset + super long coat + sweatshirt may not be suitable for small people.

Of course, winter matching is also indispensable for a skirt that hides meat. Girls with a lot of flesh on the legs mentioned earlier can try using an A-line skirt to modify their legs. The mid-length skirt covers the flesh well, and the ankles can be exposed with short snow boots.

Creating a sense of atmosphere is another idea for wearing snow boots. You can see that many fashion bloggers use plush lamb wool jackets with snow boots, on the one hand, the warmth is enough, the texture is seamless, and the color of natural materials is also very matched. But wear a jacket with this large silhouette to avoid being top-heavy, and don’t choose a style that is too large.

Matching with the same color can also enhance the atmosphere of the outfit. The same color system extends from head to toe for greater integrity, which weakens the presence of snow boots.

With these tips, it’s hard not to look good in snow boots! When wearing snow boots, the feeling of warmth spreading from the soles of the feet to the whole body is reassuring, and the beautiful snow boots have an irresistible magic, this year’s snow boots, do you love?