Pots and pans are a must for every family’s life, and there are many types of pots and pans on the market, and the price span is also very large. Under normal circumstances, the price of non-stick pans will be more expensive than traditional iron pans, but the author still prefers iron pans. Because the use of ordinary non-stick pans is far less convenient than iron pots, it is convenient to use and tie hands and feet, or the iron pot is directly equipped with a steel spatula and a steel wire ball brush pot. The reason for this situation is that the coating of the non-stick pan is not wear-resistant, and it is easy to fall off under the strong friction of the steel spatula or steel wire ball, from a non-stick pan to a sticky pan.

Recently, Joyoung launched a new product: Joyoung Crystal Diamond wear-resistant non-stick pan. Judging from the detailed introduction page, it almost comprehensively hangs ordinary non-stick pans and honeycomb non-stick pans. It has the same convenience as an iron pan in terms of use and maintenance, but it also has the characteristics of a non-stick pan, which seems to be a perfect combination. Today, the author will take a real test to see if it is really so powerful.

After opening the packaging of the product, the author felt Jiuyang’s confidence. As a non-stick pan, it actually comes standard with a stainless steel spatula, and it seems that it is quite sure of its wear resistance. In addition, the set comes with an original pot lid and an instruction manual.

In order to save packaging space, Jiuyang Diamond wear-resistant non-stick pan uses a detachable design. Installation is as simple as attaching the handle to the pot body and then tightening the screw to fix it.

THE SIZE OF THE JIUYANG CRYSTAL DIAMOND WEAR-RESISTANT NON-STICK PAN IS 32CM, WHICH IS STILL LARGE ENOUGH FOR EVERYDAY HOUSEHOLDS. Compared to the iron pan I used before, this pot is larger in size, but the weight is lighter. The measured results showed that the iron pot was 1.7 kg and the Jiuyang crystal diamond wear-resistant non-stick pan was 1.2 kg, which was 1 kg lighter. As far as the usual stir-fry experience is concerned, it will indeed be slightly more relaxed.

It can be seen through the shape that the depth of this pot is relatively sufficient, so there is more space when stir-frying, which effectively reduces the situation of turning the dish out. At the same time, its handle is also made longer, need to turn the pot or end the pot will be more convenient, from the actual use point of view, the author believes that it may be more convenient to design a small handle at the other end of the pot, when the pot has more ingredients and a larger weight, it will be easier to end from both ends.

According to the official introduction, the design of the three-layer corrugated bottom of the Jiuyang crystal diamond wear-resistant non-stick pan can make the fire more concentrated and more stable when placed. From the perspective of daily use, it will be slightly “top-heavy”, and the side near the handle will be slightly heavier, but the placement is relatively smooth. And its thick and thin-walled design can have a more uniform heating experience, in the case of fried dumplings, fried fish and other situations are obvious, the degree of burnt yellow in each area of the pot is basically the same, there is no need to always adjust the heating angle of the pan.

Compared with other non-stick pans, Jiuyang Crystal Diamond wear-resistant non-stick pan has achieved rolling grade. We all know that diamond is the hardest substance in the world, and it is composed of carbon and has super wear resistance. The surface non-stick layer of this pot also uses carbon crystals, which is close to diamond in hardness, so its wear resistance goes without saying. If you look at the surface coating of the Abrasion-resistant nonstick pan through macro magnification, you will find that it has a fire similar to the fire produced when a diamond refracts light.

After the Jiuyang crystal diamond wear-resistant non-stick pan was in hand, the author used steel wire balls to “ravage” it, and simply and rudely used the way of brushing the iron pot to directly clean the inner wall of the pot. And during this time, the author has been brushing the pot in this way, and as of the time of writing, I did not find that its non-stickiness was affected.

In order to test the non-stickiness of the Jiuyang Crystal Diamond wear-resistant non-stick pan after being ravaged, the author simply and crudely chose an oil-free fried egg. The author did not choose those stewed oil-free omelette methods on the Internet, but directly used the method of fried poached eggs in oil. During the actual operation, you can feel that the eggs do not stick to the bottom of the pan, even if it is turned over, it is very easy, and the finished product is already somewhat similar to the fried poached egg, charred on the outside and tender on the inside, and the taste is good. From here, it can be regarded as passing this postgraduate examination.

After this period of use, the author feels that the performance of Jiuyang crystal diamond wear-resistant non-stick pan is still very good, which is specifically manifested in the following aspects: First, it is really non-sticky; Second, its use and maintenance are as worry-free as the iron pot, and the hot pot is directly flushed with cold water with steel wire balls to clean, which is simple and convenient; Third, the shape of the pot is very good, the specific change is now deep enough, the capacity is large, with the lid of the pot, it is particularly convenient when simmering, and there is no need to worry about water overflow.

Of course, the author knows that non-stick pans must be time-tested to know whether they are durable. However, through the violent use of this kind of violence in recent times, the performance of the Jiuyang crystal diamond wear-resistant non-stick pan has not changed, which should be able to explain some problems, and friends who just need the non-stickiness of the wok may wish to try.