For me, the romance of life is tea, rice, oil and salt with my family, and three meals a day. Three meals are full of color and fragrance, which is family affection, romance, and the most important part of life. People who pay attention to the quality of meals, of course, should choose a set of practical and good-looking tableware to make daily meals pleasing to the eye. This set of hot jade white tableware set, regardless of appearance or craftsmanship, is satisfactory. It has the texture of bone china, and at the same time resistant to high and low temperatures, and is very easy to clean, and the price of more than 100 yuan can buy such a practical 15-piece set, which is really worth recommending.

The tableware set I usually buy is more than ten or twenty sets, but after opening it, I find that more small soup spoons account for several pieces, and I suddenly feel very worthless. Although this hot jade white tableware set is only a set of 15 pieces, it is practical for all pieces. The price of just over 100 yuan to buy such a practical set is still very good value.

No “false label”, practical piece:

It can be seen from the packaging that this set contains 4 large plates, 4 small plates, 6 small bowls, and 1 large soup bowl, which can be said to be very value-for-money, and it is not “false label” at all~

Individually wrapped for safe transport:

Open the outer box, the inside dishes are individually packaged, and at the same time there is foam cotton filling between each two, the protection is quite in place, after my careful inspection, each piece is not bumped, the quality is perfect.

Tempered glass wear-resistant, harmless and high temperature resistant:

This setware is made of tempered glass, melted and fired at a high temperature of 1500°C, and does not have heavy metals such as lead and cadmium. Harmful substances will not precipitate when used at high temperatures in ovens and microwave ovens, so it is safer to use as tableware that comes into direct contact with food.

Good toughness and more durable:

Tempered glass with strengthened treatment has better toughness than porcelain, and at the same time has higher density, wear-resistant and compressive resistance, is not easy to break and wear, and is more durable than traditional ceramic tableware.

Unglazed process, bone china texture:

It does not need to be glazed, but it has the texture of bone china, and the surface is delicate and smooth without any bubbles and small pits.

Simple design without dead ends: the rough bottom of traditional dishes is the most overlooked cleaning dead end, and dishes are easy to cause secondary pollution and spread bacteria and viruses when stacked on top of each other. The bottom of this tableware does not have the bottom of the traditional tableware, so there is no rough surface caused by the glazing of the bottom of the traditional dishes, which is not only more convenient to clean, but also has no corner to hide dirt and dirt, and long-term use will not breed bacteria.

Non-slip and wear-resistant bowl bottom:

Although there is no “bottom of the bowl”, the bottom of the dish is intimately treated with anti-slip ~ to ensure that the tableware will not “skate” on the table.

Stacking the Ministry of Health space:

The lack of the traditional “bowl bottom” not only makes stacking more hygienic, but also greatly reduces the overall thickness when stacking. In terms of storage, the occupation of cupboard space is greatly reduced. It can be said that it is beautiful and simple, safe and hygienic and saves land, and I praise this design for him~

The wide bowl is easier to reach:

The wide bowl mouth design makes it easier to hold when serving hot rice. Sometimes the dishes are loaded with piping hot meals, and if the bowl mouth is designed upward, we have nowhere to start~

I have to say that this tableware really has a texture similar to bone china, not only smooth and delicate, but also a little crystal clear under the light. Simple shape, pure white color matching, delicate texture, make the food look more beautiful and delicious.

If you have to say that this set meal has any shortcomings, it is slightly heavier than bone china tableware in terms of weight, but the actual use is not obvious, and the price is so affordable, it is more cost-effective in comparison~

On the whole, the hot jade white tableware set, 15 pieces of practical kits, high appearance and good craftsmanship, the price of more than 100 yuan is even more cost-effective. Whether it is for self-use or gifting, it is a set of tableware that is very worth buying, go and see it~

Thanks for watching, welcome to follow, I am Lyon, I wish you a happy meal, see you in the next issue ~