#What to wear today#

#Dress Red and Black List#

#Winter Life Season#

The chill is getting stronger and stronger, brought

Warm and comfortable

The feeling that many people like to exert force

Feel warm

。 Want to make yourself bigger

Larger than life

When you are cold, you can easily highlight the feeling of fashion.

The sweater with a gentle and delicate touch is a double win when worn in the cold, and it looks very good


, and the warmth is also a trickle, especially that

Thickened design

The role of the latter is more clearly understood.

The warmth of the thick sweater makes the heart even more

Plump and energetic

, the style of the little woman is also easily created.

And the fashion feeling you need is easily lifted, and the sweater has all

Gentle and lovely

, you can also use thick sweaters to bless, match the environment and climate changes one by one, and occasion these

Well coordinated,

This results in the ultimate comfort of dressing.

Cool down a “thick sweater”, wear warm without showing fat, will match it to tender water. In the cooling season, many women will wear thick sweaters,

Warm and comfortable

It won’t look fat yet, and if you meet a woman who is very good at matching, then wearing it is also young


And under these premises, it is still necessary to pay attention

The style of the sweater,

Combine the tenderness of the prominence

Among the clothes.

Cardigan style, simple and versatile

Choose the style of cardigan design, put on and take off

It is more convenient

, and also has a very good one


, can create different fashion looks.

Whether worn alone, outside or not

As an inner layer,

It seems that they are all very suitable and can be shaped

Versatile shape,

It’s easy to show off different trends.

And styling designs like this are also a little bit for age levels

Don’t mind

, you can wear what you like

Styling features

Round neck shape, simple and attractive

Thick sweater with crewneck design, simple but also

Very attractive,

Adapts to any face shape and looks fashionable to wear. Different trends are available

Easy to build

, for thick sweaters with such a collar design, it is generally possible to control any scene and also

Less error-prone.

Defining the neck line is also a feeling

The comparison is obvious

, the upper body is also extremely wearable

Stylish and dignified

, show the temperament one by one.

Medium-length style, casual and free

Wear it in a mid-length style

Comfortable and simple

, The feeling of casualness and freedom is also strong, and it is also very good for girls who are slightly shorter



Cropped bottoms and high boots

, the advantages of height and leg length are easily displayed.

Or wear it with an overcoat to show off

Dashing and unrestrained

feeling, which is also a very favorite style for many girls,

Gentle and lovely.

The color of a thick sweater

Take off your knitted undershirt, thick sweaters are popular this year and wear them for the New Year

Warm and funky

It can also reduce age. There are trendy pieces in every season, and this winter thick sweater is trending, and wearing warm and fashionable for the New Year, and

It’s also very age-reducing.

Can be worn out

Temperature and abundance

If you master the color properly, then it will be fashionable and prominent

Glamorous temperament

Building, this is also a very easy thing.

Simple white, gentle and elegant

Simple white thick sweater,

Fresh and gentle

, can perfectly frame a woman’s romance and sweetness. And in its collocation, it is also very simple, pay attention to the combination of good styles.

The fashion charm it brings is too

Very brilliant,

Feel free to wear your own


, in different trends and styles, easily provoked up, watch

Trendy and prominent.

Striped design with beautiful layers

Choose something with stylish stripes

thick sweater,

In the sense of layering and three-dimensionality, there is no need to emphasize too hard.

Because its own fashion is enough, the main and secondary are clear


It is also very strong, you can show everything you need to control one by one, and you can wear it casually

Elegant and generous

, looks at the appearance

Very stylish and elegant

Dark tones, dignified and steady

Thick sweaters in dark colors, with a sense of modesty and stability, suitable for different ages. Middle-aged women or young

Fashion girl

, all are easy to control, and the fit is 100%.

Moreover, in its collocation, there is no worry about making mistakes and mastering what you need

Trendy style

, can be very

Easily manifest itself

, perfectly highlight their own charm, casually wear out

Fashion and intellectual beauty.

The fashion of a thick sweater

The interpretation of thick sweaters in their fashion is also more diverse, and these need to be understood together first.

In this way, avoid styling

There is a misunderstanding

, so as to make the outfit even more

Stylish and perfect

, reduce flaws, which is a more common combination in many women’s outfits, and interested girls can come together to see if there is something

Inspire and help.

Strong warmth, not afraid of harsh winters

Literally, it is understandable that the warmth of a thick sweater is enough, compared to

Thin and light

That’s really not the same.

Especially in the cold winter, wearing a thick sweater can easily climb up, casually out on the street


, This is what many women get in dressing

Highly regarded

Therefore, the fashion charm it brings is also extremely high.

Gentle and gentle, showing feminine style

Gentle and gentle, it can also be vividly reflected on the thick sweater, which can wear a woman’s taste and will be a woman’s

All tenderness

Easy display.

And costumes like this, bring

The fashion is also full

, you can wear what you need

Styling feeling.

Wearing a thick sweater is practical

Each piece has its own

Sense of style

, and in its collocation, the fashion index brought by it is also very different.

Specific to each outfit, the fashion charm it creates also becomes

Even better

, you can show different trends, and let’s take a look together.

Wear it with jeans, simple and casual

Thick sweater combined with jeans can be worn out

Concise and effortless

feeling, so that the different comfort is perfectly created.

The taste of casualness and the pleasant atmosphere are acceptable


You can wear it differently as you like


, dress your own way

Glamorous flair.

Wear it with straight-leg pants, comfortable and simple

Paired with straight-leg pants, many people will like the simple look, and the straight-leg pants do not have much to the leg shape


If you are a novice, you can choose

Base color

To match, such as black, white, gray, these colors, are not afraid of mistakes, and the fashion effect of wearing them is not low at all.

Thick sweaters for these

Dressing looks

, as well as its color and style presentation, can be different

Stylish style

Show it. I don’t know if the beauties I have seen it, but they also have their hearts in their hearts?