With the cool breeze, Bai Lu quietly comes, this spring is the autumn, the hot turning point is from the cooling point, and the temperature difference between day and night gradually increases. The poem “蒹葭 蒹葭, white, white, the so-called Iraqi, in the water one”, what we think of this classic is not just because of the throttle, more is more concerned about the second half of the sentence “The so-called Iraqi, in the water” .


In fact, we don’t have to envy the sympathetic people of the poets, as long as we seize the opportunity of Daphne brand day, we can also become our own “Iraqi”.

Hot soup, love beauty

Nowadays, many young people have the deepest night, with the most expensive skin care products, say to be beautiful, really realistic? It is undeniable that the skin is very extra points, but the beauty is no longer limited to the skin of the skin. If you will wear, it is very extra points on the way. Good-looking wear is not only a top dress, but also a pair of suitable shoes. Taking advantage of “I am really happy” is carrying out Daphne brand day event, choose your favorite shoes to match different clothes! There are both summer bag breathable and half-slopes, with lazy shoes, also 2021 new autumn breathable mesh sports casual shoes, and summer breathable students can cute small white shoes, etc., look good, really super fire.



New products are available, autumn should continue beauty

The people who will wear will naturally be online, because they are in the forefront of the trend in each season, always find the most suitable wearing this season, not only wearing comfortable, not only feeling happy. Like now white, the weather is turning cold, people who will wear will have begun to pay attention to Daphne’s autumn new product, and “I am really happy” to find Daphne brand day activities, even new products have the same value discount super low price: Whether it is 2021 British wind small leather shoes JK uniform shoes or Daphne pointed high heels and other samples. Will wear a super-low discount, it is simply a human treasure, and it is good, outstanding people do everything out, follow the pace of the people, we only need to be steadily active, continue to make a beauty in autumn!

It coincides with Bai Lu, in addition to the need to pay attention to the temperature difference of the morning and evening, outside the clothes, the low-priced good objects on “Really happy” also cover daily necessities, home textile, paper cleaning, kitchen tools, fruit fresh, drinks, drinks, Rice grain and oil, beauty care, etc. Really low price, rest assured! Now, open “I am very happy”, come and hit it in autumn, embrace gentle learning and autumn wind!