Smile occupies your wardrobe and dresses elegantly. Be young and keep it interesting, give your wardrobe a little imagination, put on a smile, break the usual tranquility with a gorgeous expression, and weave a sweet smile into a touch of spring sunshine.

Choose an atmospheric and fashionable trench coat, exquisite and atmospheric lapel design, smooth lines, intellectual beauty, full of three-dimensional sense. The back adopts a popular splicing design, and the straight lines are easy for people to gaze at, achieving a thin visual effect. The hem button design makes the figure and legs look slender and thin, showing an elegant posture.

The feel is really comfortable to stir-fry chicken, the inside is compounded with artificial lamb hair, the fit is cool, and the upper body is very beautiful! The fabric is leather and lamb wool, two splices, fried chicken has texture, the upper body is fashionable and warm~ simple matching will be very trendy Oh~

The handsome short coat looks thin and tall, this spring, casual! Structured standing collar, especially done loose effect, increase fashionable coolness, are very three-dimensional, simple and versatile, the inside of the clothes is lined Oh, pink khaki white are good-looking, the upper body is also very comfortable, with white T inside, open wear more personality Oh ~

Temperament Lapel Fur Collar Gray often shows temperament, the composite lamb wool inside is spliced and the outer leather design is very fashionable. Sleek slip pocket design for added practicality and functionality. Simple combination is very trendy!