Summer wearing silk, winter wearing cashmere.

It is also a good quality, such as the Sikimi cardigan she mentioned. It is also Cashmere. It can be said that the king in the wool is also called “cashmere”, picking from the velvet hair on the goat. Knowing the cashmere sweater, it is gently, warm, soft, and a few ordinary sweaters.

Recommend a very warm and comfortable cashmere sweater, a red lotus cashmere from the old domestic brand Brand Snow Lotus Group.

I can’t help but get out of your colleagues. Classical version of the version, the atmosphere, whether it is intimate or outer wear, but when it is.

It is very comfortable to wear it, and every inch touched by the body is comfortable. Many people like to wear a bottoming in the cashmere sweater, which is not. The brand said that the real good cashmere, it is best to wear, so that it can be close to the skin, and it is warm.

With short skirts, skirts, long skirts can be perfectly adapted, good-looking and warm, the cashmere sweater is also very real, each is 180g, calculating in cashmere sweaters. Cold sky with a down jacket out, it is almost.

Honglian cashmere sweater is divided into round collar – wild leisure and high-profit-intellectual elegance. It is a simple design classic model, which can be dressed, or with a coat and other jackets.

When I took the trial that day, I accidentally found that it is also very good to match the pearl jewelry. The soft wool, wrapped in pearls, warm and elegant, detail, in this way.

After receiving everyone, you must smell this cashmere sweater, it has no chemical smell, only a faint cashmere taste from the prairie. How to clean, maintenance cashmere sweater is also a learning, the most convenient way is to send a laundry with a special dry cashmere sweater to give a professional.

Many people will wear cashmere items in this season. Passed the cashmere shirt too expensive, it may be because there is no source factory. In fact, the price within a thousand yuan can also buy a high quality goat. We gave you a lot of money to the factory price, and we have achieved the quality of the big name and buy two pieces. Such quality and price are really welfare. Nowadays, everyone really don’t miss it, and don’t forget to bring a relatives, let them feel your warmth in the winter.