It’s getting hotter and hotter, and I really feel that the shorter the pants, the more comfortable they are.

Take a look at these styles

Wear it outside

Home wear

How comfortable it is

XL number crops to share

75CM long (you can measure your own net body size minus 6CM)

2XL crop sharing


Share the crop of the two sizes, and use whichever is suitable

The red one is the front piece, the green one is the back piece, and the waist can be stitched directly with a curled edge

There is no drawing pocket, if you need a pocket, you can draw it separately, diagonal slip pocket, side seam bag can be. The size of the pocket is comfortable as long as you take it out of your palm

If you need other number types, you can refer to the size chart below for code printing

Explanation of the shorts production process and sewing process

Fabric selection, beach pants worn out should choose quick-drying fabrics, home wear choose pure cotton knitted modal can be

Draw a crop with your own size and crop it

Sewing order: If you want to make a diagonal slip pocket, make a pocket for the front piece of the trousers first.

After the pocket is stitched before and after the front and back inside and outside seams, the leather band is stitched with a roll inside the waistband

For side seam pockets, first sew the front and rear side seams, leave the position of the bag opening, and sew the front and back bag cloth.

After making the pocket, lock the seam. Suture the anterior and posterior medial seams, crotch seams.

The waist is stitched, and the pants that go out can be put on with a string as shown in the picture. Not only can it play a good decorative role, but also do a good job of safety protection measures.

Finally, the hem is rolled up

Well, a simple and comfortable pair of shorts is ready

If you like it, you can try it, and if you don’t understand, you can leave a message or private message in the comment area

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