Although the clothing of male friends is not as diverse as that of girls, but in the selection of clothing should also be cautious, the most basic thing is to keep their image clean and tidy, if you want to look more fashionable and attractive, then you must carefully match, their male charm fully displayed. If you don’t know how to match, you may wish to learn and learn from Cui Siyuan’s dressing method, maybe it will bring some small surprises! No, Cui Siyuan recently appeared at the event site, wearing a leather coat handsome and stylish, and the fur collar design is super frost-resistant

Choi Siyuan is a Korean artist, he is well-proportioned, and very masculine, and also has his own experience in dressing, this time, he attended the event and chose a fur collar coat for himself, making him look handsome and stylish, with his bronzed skin super masculine, giving people a full sense of security

Leather clothing is very suitable for male friends, its lines are tough, the shape is structured, can effectively show their masculinity, so it is very suitable for male friends to wear. And because of the material and fabric of the leather jacket itself, it is very warm, wearing it on the body can effectively resist the cold wind, and most importantly, it is more light and flexible than the heavy down jacket, and more fashionable

Under normal circumstances, we will choose a short leather jacket for ourselves, because short leather clothes are easier to control, but Cui Siyuan chose a long leather jacket for himself with his high appearance and good figure, which is more handsome and stylish to wear on the body. The length of the leather jacket is at the knee position, on the one hand, it can effectively cover the excess fat on the body, on the other hand, it can also increase the aura for yourself, but it is best for short friends to avoid long clothing, otherwise they will expose their shortcomings and appear shorter

One of the most important elements of this leather jacket can not be ignored is the design of the fur collar, the brown-red fur collar contrasts with the black leather jacket, making this leather jacket more full of design, and the plush fur collar is very warm, and the leather clothing that is itself insulated from the wind can be said to be super frost-resistant

Inside the leather jacket, Cui Siyuan put on a dark gray undershirt, and the slim fit showed Cui Siyuan’s good figure vividly, and the bottom was matched with a pair of black trousers and black leather shoes, simple and handsome. Although the overall look is simple, it is very stylish, especially this leather coat makes Choi Siyuan look handsome and stylish

A handsome outfit combined with Cui Siyuan’s bronzed skin further strengthens the overall style, and sets off Cui Siyuan very masculine. Next, the editor will introduce Cui Siyuan’s other fashion outfits to the friends, and the friends will take a look

The first set of styling makes Cui Siyuan look very young, the upper body shrimp pink long-sleeved T-shirt very much sets off his youthful temperament, the lower body black trousers are simple and handsome, this outfit is very suitable for young male friends to learn and reference

The second set of looks are particularly like the campus male god, the simple white shirt sets off Cui Siyuan’s clean temperament, the bottom is paired with a pair of beige trousers and small white shoes, and the upper body shirt is very harmonious together, this set of looks is the image of the school grass in the minds of many girls

The third set of looks mature and handsome, the brown suit makes Cui Siyuan look mature and stable, and a white shirt is better to highlight the design of the blazer, very handsome! The above is the introduction of the editor, if you have better ideas or suggestions, welcome to comment in the comment area