Texas writer Zhang Jinkai

Unintentional harm

When my son was studying in Urumqi, he brought me back a beautiful wallet, which was genuine leather. He knows that what he bought in Xinjiang is not a famous brand, and the quality is definitely good. I especially like this wallet, because the color and style of the wallet are not only novel, the workmanship is also very exquisite, and more importantly, it is my son’s heart.

I know the wallet my son bought, and the price is very expensive. It is a vintage square short cowhide purse, light yellow, with a non-existent pattern on the surface and black hemming. There is a zipper with a small cow-shaped hand on the zipper. Open the inside, there are two compartments, there is also a zipper, only smaller, the compartment is transparent, you can put a photo, open the wallet to see the photo, both stylish and practical. For this reason, I have specially detailed the meaning of the color of men’s wallets, knowing that different colors represent different moods, and people are more in pursuit of a kind of spiritual sustenance. Choosing the color of your wallet reasonably can be a good reflection of your personal preferences and personality traits. For example, black and coffee represent calm and can hold money, red represents deficit, and blue wallet means that money will flow away like water. My son chose the best color for me, yellow with gold and money. Yellow represents wealth, and for those considering some big investment projects, the gold wallet can help you.

I was very happy to get the wallet, I wanted to get the baby, put the money neatly, carefully put a photo of me and my son in the mezzanine, put the wallet in the pocket, and deliberately took it out to show when I went shopping on the street, I knew that there was not much money in the wallet. Sometimes I deliberately guarded my son and people and said that my son bought it for me and brought it back from Xinjiang. Looking at my son’s smiling face, although my face did not show it, my heart was already blossoming like honey.

After using the wallet for two or three days, it started to get bored. Usually lazy and casual, the wallet is inconvenient to carry, and the mobile phone that does not leave the body is awkward around, not to mention the wallet. I took out the money, put it in my trouser pocket, and finally put my wallet in the study drawer to treasure it. Because of my personality, my son and I communicate less verbally, and although I love my son, I only do everything for him in my heart or silently. My son saw me put my wallet in a drawer and thought I didn’t like it, he just expressed his displeasure with his mother and took it with him when he returned to school. I found out afterwards and felt some regrets in my heart! Knowing that my son’s heart was hurt, although I didn’t mean it, I still felt a little guilty.

My son didn’t understand why I put that wallet away, or that I liked it so much, maybe he had forgotten about it. Now my son often buys me clothes or brings me some gifts, but whenever I think of that wallet, I think of the hurt I hurt my son without words. Although it was unintentional, I did not want to mention it to my son, because I knew that maybe talking about it again would evoke his memories and touch his heart, which had already compounded!