When it comes to very high-end clothing, everyone thinks of suits and the like

Business-style clothes

。 Indeed, the look and feel of the suit will bring to everyone a little more advanced. You can wear it to work and to events, but the suits you see in your daily life are often

Casual style

The most.



There is no particularly grand sense of premium, but it is more relaxed, releasing a sense of tenderness and fashion. It is often more ordinary than a particularly business-oriented suit, and it is more popular with everyone, after all, there are still few places that need to wear business style and special grand effects in daily life.

Xiong Dailin’s temperament is so unique, simple and casual suits, can also wear a dress fan, the suit design on her body is very simple, not so much high-class


, rather gentle and low-key style, this simple style looks more comfortable and refreshing, than a dignified suit

A lot gentler.

Casual design suits are even more


, no matter how to match, there is a relaxed feeling. Casual suits are really good-looking, elegant and high-class, and can be used as dresses

Age reduction

, Xiong Dailin’s casual suit choices are good

, gentle, low-key and simple

, passers-by have a better look.

A gentle and free-flowing suit

If you want the suit to look more relaxed, it will not look particularly dignified and generous. It is better to choose a style that is not so close-fitting, and the close-fitting style will give a feeling of a custom suit, then

The value of a suit

It soared a lot. Naturally, people feel that this costume is particularly grand and high-class.

Instead, a looser suit looks

Easy and gentle

, thinning also works very well. It’s just that such a change in size makes the aura of the suit become

Poles apart.

♦ Casual color scheme recommended

Want a suit, look

More casual and natural

The choice of color matching cannot be ignored. Generally, it is not recommended to choose black, black is too grand, too advanced,


It’s the same, though

White, off-white

Colors and other elegant colors are more recommended, because this color not only looks high-grade but also has a natural and elegant effect, very

Indifferent and gentle.

With a casual style, there is no sense of violation at all, of course, the color is better, but many colorful suits look too handsome and cool. This too strong style is also not very suitable for casual style embodiment, so it is best to choose

A little lighter color,

Like gentle and noble lilac, elegant and soft light pink, refreshing and generous light blue and

Light green

Wait a minute.

♦ A versatile introduction to casual suits

This casual suit is more than that

Versatile and matched

, is to match any clothing has a very indifferent effect. Pure black T-shirt with pure black pants, effect


, even a little simple, under the background of casual suits, it looks a lot more advanced.

There is also a particularly gentle visual effect, also let

Plain pure black set

It looks stable and has a retro charm at the same time. The most important advantage is, of course, this combination of pure black, in

Colorful suit

Against the background, it is not tacky at all, and it is more temperamental and beautiful.

You can also change into a more advanced outfit

Highlight a more obvious uniqueness

, Just like when wearing ladylike shirts and shirts, casual suits can make the temperament look good

Just relax

, and at the same time naturally presents a ladylike temperament.

Some high-end clothing that looks old goes with it

Casual suits

After that, not only the temperament became younger, itself

Elegant and gentle

Also well preserved.

The casual suit is fitted with a variety of different suits

Fit set

Many casual suits do not have a particularly traditional style. He doesn’t have to be business-minded, but he must be sophisticated and


Other casual suits are introduced

♦ A slightly sexy little suit

Loose suits are not only good for slimming, but also give people a very relaxed feeling, of course, this does not mean that all casual suits are fat and loose.

Small size suit

Will look a little sexier, this sexy effect is naturally more generous.

The unique aura is more than the business style


, the small size design is used to match the short clothing, looking full of vitality. Naturally younger. Be sure to wear it again

Small size suit

When you can’t choose a particularly thick top, if you don’t wear it well, the overall effect will be too much

Bloated and fat.

♦ A casual suit with a more innovative style

A more innovative and stylish casual suit with a more visible effect

More generous.

For example, a suit with cut sleeves, one-piece suit pants or a delicate suit skirt, etc., are more than ordinary suits


Even with high-grade colors and advanced tailoring, the effect is a little handsome.

A more cool and unique cut can also amplify your femininity, especially with some

Skin-revealing design West

Feign. More temperamental than ordinary sexy clothing. With bright red, bright yellow, the presence is very strong

Royal blue and so on would be more appropriate.

♦ A simple and handsome short suit

When you have one piece easy

A skirt with short legs

When it comes to choosing this short suit, it is recommended to choose this short suit to match, so that the aura of the clothing looks high-class, and also makes you

Body proportions appear more perfect

The atmosphere of this costume is young and handsome, and you can also wear it with clothing that is very casual in itself, such as T-shirts and broad

Combination of leg pants.

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