What is a magnetic stripe card? Why do you want to change the magnetic strip card to a chip card? If I go to the card, do you need to pay the fee? As the central bank’s new regulations, the magnetic stripe card changing chip card has caused close attention from the majority of card friends, and at the same time, there are many doubts. Today, the cow cattle will carefully explore this problem.

What is a magnetic stripe card?

First of all, I have to figure out a problem, what card is your card!

There are three bank cards on the market: magnetic stripe cards, chip cards, and composite cards. What is the difference? At this point, you need to take out your card carefully.


Magnetic stripe cards:

Typically, one side printing of the magnetic strip card has a tips, such as the direction of the card; there is a magnetic layer or magnetic strip of the other, with 2-3 tracks to record the information data. There is a misunderstanding that you should pay attention to the magnetic strip is not black, such as the magnetic strip behind the Bank of China, is silver.

But no matter how it changed, if you have a horizontal strip like this on your bank card, it is determined that the magnetic stripe card is.

Chip card:

I saw this chip, generally printed on the front of the bank card, some on the left, some in the right, some are square, some are rectangular, and some are much smaller, but it is easy to recognize. Don’t be made by changes in the form of surface.

Composite card:

At the same time, there are similar to the above magnetic strips, the bank card of the chip, is a composite card.

Why is the magnetic stripe card to be changed to a chip card?

Because of the cause of the magnetic stripe card itself, there are many innate shortcomings, and the most deadly point is to be easily replicated. At present, the first reason for bank card fraud is to copy the card being copied by the lawless molecules, with a false truth, and swipe the card.

The chip card is different, it has key encryption technology, encrypted information randomly generated, and currently no chip bank card has been replicated in a global scale, causing actual cases of pseudo card fraud.

So the bank vigorously promotes the chip card. However, when the chip card is started, because many POS machines cannot identify the chip card, the composite card of “chip + magnetic stripe” appears.

PS. Composite bank cards are now very large, there are three small compilation! It is the pro-following content, the following content is going to look carefully!

Central bank

Since the magnetic stripe card has such a deadly shortcomings, then the central bank has to do something. So a regulation, from November, the National POS terminal closed the financial IC card-stained transaction, will no longer issue a separate magnetic stripe card next year.

This new rule is over, the online is crazy, and the major “experts” interpretation is “I can’t brush the tape card in November”! This is completely misreading this specified. “Close Downtown Transaction” is actually targeted by a composite card, that is, after the composite card user does not brush the magnetic strip when the card is swipped, but inserts the card into the POS chip identification socket.

The existing magnetic stripe card will not be affected, still can be used normally, and the specific deactivation time is undecided.

Since there is no effect on the magnetic strip card, why do you want to change to a chip card?

The current situation is that the magnetic stripe card is still allowed in the economic non-developed area. For a huge amount of magnetic strip card that already exists, it will take natural elimination, step by step to guide commercial banks to carry out the magnetic stripe card to replace the chip card.

Of course, we must take the initiative to take the initiative, don’t put it on your heart because you don’t affect it. Safety first, now there is a free second, but more importantly, play card is responsible for your credit card, understand!

Twelve bank exchange card guides

The new regulations are out, and major banks have dispatched. Let’s take a look at how this top ten banks now exchange the card!

Bank of China:

The Chinese bank customer service stated that such as the old magnetic stripe card starting with the “4” word, it is generally unable to replace the chip card. If it starts at the beginning of “6”, the can be exchanged without rescalating the number, and there is no collection fee before the end of 2014. I can use my ID card and debit card to the business hall.


Free replacement card, 95888, 622208, 62127, etc., etc.

Construction Bank:

CCB system supports the magnetic stripe card Tong card number to replace the chip card function, it is said that the guide price is 40 yuan. Branches can reduce card workers based on local actual conditions or to different customer groups.

Bank of Communications:

The first six-digit magnetic strip card for “622260” is launched, launches the “Crystal Not Switch” service. For the replacement of Warda, payment banking cards, salary cards, enjoy salary cards, annuity cards and other chip cards, all of which are free of card workers.

China Merchants Bank:

Not ignorant. The charging standard for the China Merchants Merchants Composite Card is a 10-year worker fee, the gold card and the ovary flowers are free, and each branch can also be subjected to preferential or discourse according to the actual situation.


Telephone customer service reply, the ABC card with the same number change the die card, such as the agricultural bank card started at the beginning of “622848”, can handle the same number to exchange 25 yuan. I have an ID card and debit card to any agricultural bank for issuing card cities. However, the Agricultural Bank of China is not all cards to handle the same number, and the bank customer service can be consulted.

Industrial Bank:

If you change the same card number, you need to reapply, charge the card fee 10 yuan, if you are changing the same number, do not charge the fee, you can get cards.


According to reports, ordinary bank card replacement card charges 20 yuan, gold card customers change card, and the card exchange card is not charged. Call the card is not omnile.

Ping An Bank:

According to the Ping An Bank employee, the upgrade card will be free. For the business outlets, the cabinet is changed, and the customer’s magnetic stripe card is replaced, and the card is free. For the stock user of the card exchange card, it will be planned to send a text message to the customer.

Shanghai Pudong Development Bank:

The magnetic strip card change chip card does not collect this fee, but not ignorance.

Minsheng Bank:

The chip card charges the cost of 20 yuan, but not ignorance.

Everbright Bank:

In the chip card production, there is no exchange service.

Note: The above information is reported from the media, the telephone consultation bank customer service, the staff is well known, the specific rules of the exchange card are subject to the final interpretation of the banks.

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