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Flower shirts are very personal, and flower shirts can be matched by both men and women, here the editor mainly introduces men’s flower shirts. Men’s clothing is designed and styled much less than women’s, so it is in the wardrobe at home

It’s basically women’s clothing.

Men’s clothing accounts for 1/3 is already a lot, and basically all are solid color shirts or T-shirts, and the colors are similar, resulting in

Lost novelty and freshness

, the rest of the season was fine. Men wear “flower shirts” to have a handsome personality, so they must be matched to look good, and they will never bump into shirts when walking on the street.

But in the hot summer, when color is needed, a solid color shirt or T-shirt looks out of place, so the editor will introduce a very fashionable and

Men’s clothing with a heart

, that’s the men’s flower shirt.

When it comes to men’s flower shirts, do you immediately think of Hawaiian-style flower shirts.

It’s true that Hawaiian-style floral shirts are more common, however

In addition to Hawaiian style

, there are many other styles and styles. Why are others so handsome in “flower shirts”, you wear them especially dirty, handsome personality does not collide.

Hawaiian-style flower shirt patterns are mainly coconut trees, sunsets, etc., the scenery is most, for men’s flower shirts,

There are many other patterns

, such as animals, triangles, flowers and plants, etc.

And the color is generally very bright, it seems that people are very young, sunny, vibrant, and do not pick age and figure, men of all ages can wear, will not feel strange,

On the contrary, it is eye-catching.

But the color depends on your skin color

As well as favorite colors

To make a comprehensive selection, the style and color of the bottom should be selected according to the floral shirt.

Men’s flower shirts can be worn alone or as coats, and the flower shirts worn alone are more straight, appear to be spiritual, and are relatively high, for the flower shirt as a coat, it is giving

A sense of design and layering

, the color of the inner layer also needs to be well chosen to make the whole coordinated.

It is not like a Christmas tree, very pompous, so the style and color of the inner layer and the bottom must be well chosen, so how to choose a flower shirt

What about styles and colors

? Which underwear and bottoms are suitable for different floral shirts? Let’s look down together.

Stylish matching for men’s floral shirts

There are many fashion items that are suitable for matching men’s floral shirts, in addition to indispensable shoes, there are bags, hats, necklaces, sunglasses, etc., due to

Suitable for the season of flower shirts

It is a hot summer, so I will mainly introduce two fashion items suitable for summer, one is a hat, and the other is sunglasses.


There are many styles of hats, but the most common and versatile are the caps and fisherman hats, which are perfect for matching floral shirts and caps

Give people a casual style,

Pair it with a fisherman’s hat to create a cool cool drag, very stylish and versatile.

There are many styles of caps, including embroidery, sequins, slogans, solid colors, etc., all kinds of styles and styles, little brothers can

According to your favorite style

Make a choice, but pay attention to the color matching, the specific selection method is detailed below.

Fisherman hats also come in many styles, including solid colors and prints

, colorful colors

, you can choose according to the color of the flower shirt.

For the young little brother,

Suitable for pairing with colorful hats

The color can be the same or similar to the color of the flower shirt, such as a black flower shirt with a black or gray cap, and a red flower shirt with an orange or black cap, which is very suitable.

For Xiaobai, who can’t match, choosing a black cap, is basically no problem. For fisherman hats,

The most versatile color is black

, and very practical, no matter what color floral shirt is paired with, it is very suitable, and the style is very different.

Usually wear a little brother with a hip-hop style, you can match the metal chain, handsome, like the simple style of the little brother, you can choose a solid color of the static version of the fisherman hat, and the fisherman hat

Suitable for men of all ages.


There are many styles of sunglasses, different styles are suitable for different clothes, for exaggerated sunglasses styles, suitable for clothing with a sense of design, for regular sunglasses

Suitable for all kinds of clothing

ornament, with a sense of fashion and trendiness.

For floral shirts, it is more fancy and exaggerated, so it is suitable for both exaggerated sunglasses and regular sunglasses, which are very suitable, and the little brothers can

Choose according to your face shape

Choose. For square faces, you can wear them with round or oval sunglasses to define the shape of the face, and for long faces, it is suitable for oversized sunglasses.

In addition to this, you can also pair it with some

A style with a sense of design

, such as heart-shaped sunglasses, contrast sunglasses, etc., very cool and very fashionable, do not like black sunglasses, you can also choose brown sunglasses, etc., to add color.

Stylish design for men’s floral shirt

In addition to the print, the fashion design of men’s floral shirts also has short sleeves and long sleeves, and different designs are suitable for different men.

and different ways to mix and match

, as detailed below:

Short sleeve design

There are many ways to wear short-sleeved floral shirts, whether alone, layered or worn as a coat. The short-sleeved floral shirt worn alone is suitable for summer, is more straight, and has a sense of design,

It is also very skin-friendly and comfortable.

For layered floral shirts, the inner layer is suitable for white, giving a sense of layering, and the style of the inner layer can be short sleeves or long sleeves,

It’s fashionable with short sleeves

The floral shirt as a coat can be paired with a white underwear or a floral shirt.

With a white underwear, it is more free, fashionable, and

Pair it with a floral shirt for a size bigger,

That is to say, the inner floral shirt is a little larger than the coat floral shirt, which can expose the lace, which is very trendy and has a sense of design.

Long-sleeved design

The long-sleeved design is perfect for spring and autumn wear, or

Use it as sunscreen clothing in summer

, more clothing, and the light and thin style has a texture, this design is also suitable for both single and outerwear.

Flower shirt to wear alone

It gives a minimalist style

The floral shirt as a coat is suitable for matching the white underwear, with a sense of layering, and the little brother can choose according to his liking.

Tips for matching men’s flower shirts

Men’s floral shirt + trousers

The floral shirt is very suitable with trousers, it has a wholeness, and it does not pick the figure, and the style of pants includes jeans, wide-leg pants, etc., which is suitable for Xiaobai who will not match

Paired with black wide-leg trousers,

Very versatile and you can’t go wrong.

Men who like their own matching can choose according to the color of their floral shirt, and light-colored floral shirts are suitable

Wear it with white trousers

, dark floral shirts are suitable for pairing with black trousers.

Men who like a retro atmosphere, can match jeans, jeans have many colors, not only blue, but also black, gray, etc.,

The same matching rules as wide-leg pants

, and it has a texture.

Men’s floral shirt + shorts

Flower shirt with shorts is a perfect match with summer, and shorts are very cool, the overall gives people a sense of coolness, the color can be selected according to the color of the flower shirt, in general

Black and white are more compatible,

Some other colors can also be selected.

Summer is colorful, so as long as the colors match, even if it is fancy, it is okay, and it has it

Design and color,

Suitable for young men. For example, an orange floral shirt can be paired with blue shorts, and a blue floral shirt can be paired with pale yellow shorts.

It can also be combined with some design elements, such as metal chains, belts, etc., with a sense of design, shoes with sneakers or slippers are okay,

The color should not be too fancy,

And to match the color of the top and pants, black is the most suitable, white is also possible.

How to choose a men’s flower shirt for different body types

Although men’s floral shirts are loose-fitting styles,

But it’s still more picky

, depending mainly on the bottom. For skinny men, pair it with slightly slim shorts.

Flower shirts can

Wear it alone or as a coat

, overall more fashionable; For slightly chubby men, you can choose loose shorts, but they must be above the knee, otherwise it will appear short.

The T-shirt or shirt must be loose-fitting,

Otherwise, it will appear more bloated

, if you match with wide-leg pants, then any body can be matched, do not pick the figure, do not pick the age.