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Hello everyone! I’m a supercoolman who loves to study outfits!

Autumn is coming, the weather is getting cooler, many girls have changed down short skirts and shorts, in fact, short skirts can not be worn, we can also wear knitted dresses, it has both the warm effect of knitwear, and the slim effect of dresses, autumn wear it back rate 200%! Today, I will select the ones that have been painstakingly selected recently

Knitted dress

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1. Off-the-shoulder knitted dresses

The autumn tiger in the first two days is really fast, the temperature has climbed to more than 30 degrees, in this case it is more appropriate to wear an off-the-shoulder skirt, you can add a coat when it is cool in the morning and evening, and the off-the-shoulder skirt is also cooler when it is hot at noon!

The beige color is more similar to the skin tone, which looks very comfortable, the V-neck design + waist design is more like the curve of the upper body, and the bottom adduction design is more elegant.

If beige is more casual, then red is different, it has the effect of brightening the skin tone, and it is more temperamental to wear. The knitted vertical thread has a tightening effect, which naturally produces an S curve, like a copy of the blue suit – the red suit!

If the big red does not seem calm enough, you can choose this burgundy, deep V halter neck + slim design, which looks more slender and more noble. Attend some important events and wear it!

This light blue is also very good, 60 worsted pure cashmere, the fabric is very skin-friendly, the front and back are dark V design, both front and back can be worn, and the light blue appears whiter skin.

This knitted skirt with a suspender design also looks good, and the button design under the V-neck highlights the bumpy figure and is more suitable for casual wear.

This black halterneck bandeau dress is also very good, simple and dignified, perfect for business occasions.

2. Long-sleeved knitted dress

The black long-sleeved hip dress is naturally slim, and the S curve is undoubtedly revealed after wearing, if you don’t want to wear it alone, black is also very versatile, any kind of jacket can be.

This jujube red V-neck knotted dress is very good-looking, especially the knotted treatment under the neckline, which is not only decorative, but also has a shaping effect, highlighting the three-dimensional sense of the body.

If the weather is cooler, you can choose this turtleneck cashmere dress, which can maintain good elasticity while keeping warm and highlighting the curvy beauty of the body!

If you feel red driving fabric, you can choose camel cashmere style, such as the above neckline cross + hip wrap table design, which is very sexy and feminine, and camel color matches the skin tone.

Of course, if you don’t want a tightened hem design, you can also choose a loose hem, such as the dress above with a tight upper and lower loose gauge, the upper body is slim, and the lower body is wide and comfortable to sit, and the warmth effect is better.

In addition, the dress with a belt shows off the waistline. For example, the belt above adopts different texture designs above and below, the upper slim body highlights the curves, and the pleated skirt below is color-blocking, which is very charming!

In fact, the belt does not have to be leather, for example, the above one is made of the same material as the skirt, which is also very good-looking, and very coordinated, not so obtrusive.

If the deep V-neck depends on the specific size, the collar with the button is not so picky. For example, the neckline above is designed with buttons, and you can choose to twist a few buttons according to your own situation.

Although green is more difficult to control, if you are in good shape, you can cover up some other minor problems.

Finally, if you feel that you are buying a relatively short dress, you can completely wear an over-the-knee shorts underneath when the weather is cold, which can not only increase warmth, but also wear it as a knitwear!

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Without further ado, I’m going to buy a dress, see you in the next issue!