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Flowers 500,000 yuan, bought the Boston power machine dog, only for training it “pee”, the world of rich people is so boring?

Famous Youtube Technology Blogger

Michael Reeves

I really did this. After the video released by the video was only 24 hours, I got a total of 2 million playback.


In this video, Michael demonstrated his “tuning” results for half a year: the machine dog can finally put the beer “urine” into the cup, and a drop is not scattered.


Michael also advised her girlfriend to taste, almost scared the girlfriend.

Is this distortion of human nature, or morality?

It turns out that this bold idea is a joke that Michael lives when streaming in July last year.

At that time, Michael and a friend said, to open a party, let the machine dog “urine” into the cup, absolutely memorable.

In order to achieve this bold idea, Michael contact Boston motivation, I hope they can send a machine dog, which may be because the “landlord does not have less food”, the other person is very moving and refused.


Since Boston is not willing to send, Michael’s friends decided, then everyone will make a money to buy one!

Pulled some sponsoring, got some money, finally in October last year, Michael got the machine dog.

For this commitment of this “mouth”, he wakes up, even the YouTube channel has been stopped for more than half a year, and finally I recently released the video.

Drag more, this makes the hardships and other fans said: I am waiting for your video for 7 months, you will give me a machine dog pee? …… Zhenquan!

How to teach it “pee”?

The location of this machine dog is “Welcome to the Future Of Alcoholism!”


Then this may only change future drops, how is it developed?

First, the urine cup is identified using the target detection.

Blogger looked at it

Near 30,000 US dollars

Boston power accessories, Emmmm … is really unable to stay.


In the end, he chose to bought $ 30 in Amazon, a cheap surveillance camera. Install it into the machine dog and write a program on your computer so that the machine dog can recognize the red cup of the urine cup and then go to the specified position.

It is worth mentioning that the entire process does not use the remote control.


Identify, how do you pee?


Next, it is

Have no born

The link.


(Manual Dog Head)


Bloggee uses servo-driven double-axis clouds to track targets by moving up and down; then use the pipeline of the beer to act as a urethra.

Well, beer will be “dog urine”.

The organs have made it, and it is necessary to achieve precise pee.

Don’t let the computer know this is a cup, just identify the brightest pixels in the image.

Red cup bottom is white.


And if the ground is white, you only need to dynamically set the camera brightness when starting, using the square anti-ratio law, the radio around will dim.

Use daily use



The reason is the same.

Regardless of hardware or software, it’s simple to make a simple rude.


In the end, this machine dog contains air tanks, storage bottles, double-axis clouds, and monitors multiple modules such as cameras.

After the various parts are ready, they have arrived at the real actual phase.

Machine dog actual combat

At first, the machine dog is still awkward, but it is undeniable that there is more dog taste.


(Dog head)

For example, it is flipped by his own urine.


I didn’t have a machine dog who didn’t have a fall in the same year, but I didn’t expect it to slipped by my “urine”.

Netizens said that this slippery, simply like the real dog.


There is also a cup, or suddenly I can’t help but urinate.

Although there were countless times, the final machine dog successfully achieved 35 normal “urine”, and Xiao Ge said very satisfied.


With machine dog back to the alma mater “pee”

MICHAEL Reeves, which developed machine dogs “pee”, is a specially produced robot video, often developing some brain holes, such as microwaves that provide energy.

He has been admitted to the University of North Asia, but the results are not ideal. For the future life, he decided to study wholeheartedly, and later dropped out of school as a programmer, working for the US government’s software developers.

Later, he lost this high-paying job, turned into a YouTube video blogger, did not expect it to succeed.

After that he joined the video creator group offline, the machine dog was bought by several members of Offlineetv.

Michael handed over the girlfriend, she is a video blogger LilyPichu under Offlineetv, which is to drink the machine dog “beer urine” in the video.

The story is not over here.


After completing the development, Michael posted the machine dog with the label of “Pissbot 9000” (Search Machine Dog 9000), took it into the “Tour Tour”.

Michael took this dried machine dog back to the University of North Arizona, and “peeing in front of the school”:


Finally, he drove more than 4,000 kilometers, and finally came to the Boston Power Headquarters, so that the machine dog peeing at the door.


Not harmful, and insulting is extremely insulting.

I finally reported that Boston’s power did not send him a robotic dog.

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