Mash-and-match styles have been popular for a long time. In fact, every style is not fixed in fashion. Basically considered a mash-and-match style. However, the mixed style generally appears in winter or spring and autumn, which will be more beautiful, warm and not cold. Most people in the south generally wear it this way.

Spliced shirt with activity shorts, look at the picture to see why it will be said that I can’t tell the season, I can’t tell, it seems to be spring, and it seems to be summer, no matter, really any season can be worn, as long as not afraid of cold and hot is not the topic, the shirt is spliced, the small fragrant wind imagines, the proper celebrity has a sense of sight, the small fragrant wind is Chanel’s fashion vision spirit, fashion is simple, exquisite, a moment let me have a sense of celebrity style, small fragrance can also perfectly highlight the beauty of femininity, Xiao Xiangfeng is still very differentiated, because its fabric is very different from other fabrics, and it has its own temperament.

Although the patch shirt has a small fragrant design, but after all, it is a patch, the two colors are different, so it feels a little messy, the white part is clean, fresh, even the patch is not covered, the small fragrant wind is in the middle of the belt, can perfectly set off their small waist, looks slimmer, in fact, just look at the small fragrant wind can feel the heat, in fact, summer wear will be a little hot, but not in spring and autumn.

The upper body is matched with activity shorts, some casual and natural, the biggest advantage of activity shorts is comfortable clothing, many women choose clothes will also choose to be more idyllic, however, most of the ordinary idyllic clothes have no sense of design, if you participate in any party, but also give people a feeling of disrespect, celebrity little fragrant shirt and sports shorts are really not matched, it can be said that it is mixed and matched can also be said to be a mess, but it is good to have a good face to support, so it is harmless.

Sports shorts are generally worn as loungewear, and as for why China can give people a disrespectful feeling, it is like that it makes no sense for you to wear pajamas to go shopping, or it can also be said that it is the feeling of a suit with sweatpants.