Peacock blue is elegant and comes with a fairy air; Peacock blue is beautiful and romantic, a dreamy color with a streamer-like gem-like brilliance, and a color that has been loved by everyone for so many years. In this issue, I will share with you 10 matching cases of peacock blue curtains!

If you use one word to describe peacock blue, it must be elegant. Peacock blue is different from ordinary blue, it has an aesthetic sense of modesty. If it is used in fashion home soft decoration, then the elegance of the whole home will have another interpretation, let’s take a look at the case of peacock blue with the public opinion decoration editor.

In home life, if you want to choose a low-key but not restrained color, then peacock blue can meet your requirements. Peacock blue has an elegant temperament that makes you unassuming, but noble.

1. Light lavender + phantom black + peacock blue

Purple has long been considered a romantic and seductive color, and ancient Chinese purple is the color of nobility. The light lavender décor wall is complemented by a ghost black floor and modern décor, with a strong contrast that maximizes the elegance and elegance of the home.

Peacock blue sofa chairs, combined with the blue ceiling, elegant and flexible make the whole style fresh and bright.

2. Lily white + peacock blue + orchid purple

This collocation is elegant and calm, but noble and gorgeous. The combination of blue and white is a classic, it’s obvious. The white space is decorated with peacock blue sofas and curtains, the combination of purity and elegance, showing taste and elegance in a simple configuration. The embellishment of vases of various shapes makes the whole space flexible.

3. Foggy + peacock blue + imperial yellow

The home emphasizes practicality and functionality, and in modern spaces it can also meet your ornamental requirements. The light fog color is the main color of the wall, and the peacock blue curtains, the whole cool color highlights the beauty of the sense of nature. sand

The choice of Cuban sand and peacock blue, the combination of cold and warm gives people a warm visual feeling. The monochrome cloth and curtains reflect the rich layers. The bright yellow color is decorated, making the whole space strong in color and the whole style is very beautiful.

4. Peacock blue + Hermes orange

Peacock blue not only appears as a spatial accent color, but also as a background color. Peacock blue with dazzling Hermes orange, bright colors show modern and fashionable, cold and warm contrast contrast, giving people a visual impact and sense of fashion, people are very excited.

5. Peacock blue fabric is recommended

Combined with fabric, it can be used on curtains, sofas, side chairs, and even bedding. Its unique color, gorgeous and not ostentatious tone, fashion and taste coexist, is a very good color.

I hope you can like the peacock blue color introduced to you by the decoration of public opinion, which is not ostentatious and not pale, and interprets fashion and visual aesthetics to the extreme


The space presents a simple but highly layered style. Using the blue color of multiple cameras, it visually brings about a change from light to dark.


Bright peacock blue is an indispensable element in the mix and match style


Peacock blue curtains, no matter what kind of space, can not hide its texture and style


Simple, aesthetic, elegant This is the temperament of peacock blue


Peacock blue, like a sky that suddenly changed after a heavy snowfall, is transparent and beautiful, so clean that it does not take up a trace of dust.


The combination of high-grade gray walls and peacock blue curtains is like a celebrity gentleman meeting an aristocratic lady, and the noble temperament also carries an elegant and quiet atmosphere.


The light peacock blue wall and peacock blue curtains and armchairs are matched in the same color, showing a very three-dimensional layering due to the difference in brightness.


Peacock blue geometric patterns are used in curtains to make the space modern and visually fuller.



Peacock blue and Hermes orange have laid the foundation for a sense of spatial premium, and a simple plain white background has become the most suitable breathable white space.