Area: 93 ㎡

Unit type: 3 bedrooms and 1 living room

Style: Mediterranean

Design Notes:

After graduation, I worked with my husband in Zhengzhou, after several years of struggle, I finally had a small house of my own, although it was only 93 square meters, but my heart was very satisfied, I hope to build my home a little warmer, so in the whole process of decoration, many things have been personally experienced, after three months, finally completed, now the picture above to share with you.


▲ The shoe cabinet at the entrance is designed to look like a door opening, which makes people feel a special hole when they enter the door. The number of three side-by-side shoe cabinets can fully meet the family’s shoe storage. The design of the shutter door allows air circulation in the shoe cabinet and there will be no odors.

Living room

▲ The living room decoration is a bit mixed. The use of a large area of warm yellow gives people a very warm feeling; The simple one-word sofa makes the indoor space look much more spacious; A small coffee table with beautiful flowers adds another style to the interior.

▲ The background wall with a sense of design records the silhouette of time and is the confession of the owner’s heart. The warm light yellow color relaxes the busy mood.


▲ The restaurant is next to the entrance shoe cabinet, and adopts the now very popular card holder design. The color of the table top of the solid wood dining table is similar to the color of the floor tile, which effectively avoids the problem of the interior becoming ugly due to complex colors. Brew a strong cup of coffee, grab a novel, and sit here to feel like you’re on a Mediterranean vacation?!

▲ Move the table and give a close-up close-up of the booth in the restaurant. The drawers under the cushions increase the storage space in the room, making it a practical and aesthetically pleasing combination.


▲ The kitchen does not need a gorgeous design, the color matching makes the kitchen look clean and tidy, the tile selection is dirt-resistant and anti-slip, and the cabinet design is convenient and practical. The hostess’s territory allows a strong home atmosphere to radiate from here.

Master bedroom

▲ The bedroom is not big, but it is expensive. Curtains, sheets, furniture are self-contained, and the wood grain tiles on the floor have a special texture, which is the credit of the collaborators. The small bedside table not only has appearance but also capacity, and can be used to store some small things. The large wardrobe next to it uses a sliding door design, which also saves space for opening and closing the door when ensuring that the storage space is large enough.

Children’s room

▲ Yellow dolls, flower sheets and curtains, full of strong childlike fun, seem to hear the crisp laughter of children.


▲ The small study room has a tatami design added to the floor, and a storage cabinet design has been added to the ceiling, making full use of the space of this room. The blue background wall makes you feel comfortable even if you are tired from work, and even feel comfortable in the ocean. The small easel is the best choice to relax and unwind.


▲ The special-shaped irregular aisle shows a different look because of the curved wall design of the bathroom. Colorful mosaic walls, blue round mirrors, bring the mystery of Mediterranean castles. The natural style is unleashed, and all colors are so full, reflecting the most brilliant side of color.