A lighter is a must-have item for a man, just like a woman’s bag will always carry some cosmetics in her bag. Even men who don’t smoke don’t deliberately reject lighters. And from the perspective of men’s hearts, lighters are still a kind of spiritual sustenance. So, what are the expensive lighters that men must have?

 Givenchy Givenchy

Founded in the middle of the 20th century, Givenchy is one of the most expressive brands of personal character and temperament. In the fashion world, Givenchy’s obsessive pursuit of “perfection” and “simple elegance” is impressive. With a respect for tradition and a respect for classicism, Givenchy conveys the message of its brand – elegant and pleasant.

As Givenchy’s taste continues to extend, the introduction of the lighter has become another cross-product continuation of elegance. The inflectional combination of the 4 letters “G” makes it synonymous with elegance.

Cartier Cartier

Louis Francois Cartier introduced the first lighter of his design in 1867, probably designed for the Universal Exhibition in Paris. Cartier, known by King Edward VII as “the jeweler of the emperor, the emperor of the jewelers”, has created many dazzling and wonderful pieces for more than 150 years. These pieces are not only the finest in the craftsmanship of jewelry and watchmaking, but also have high artistic value.

Cartier is often also overshadowed by legends for its past celebrities. From the huge necklace ordered by the Indian prince, to the tiger-shaped glasses that once accompanied the Duchess of Windsor, to the symbolic sword of the French Academy of Cocteau, Cartier tells one legend after another.

Cartier’s artistic field continued to expand, and its products included leather goods, perfumes, writing instruments, scarves, glasses, lighters, in addition to accessories and watches, and its classic status still stands today.

 S.T. Dupont Dupont

In 1948, Dupont focused on the design and production of a new product for fashionable smokers, lighters fueled by flammable liquids. This sleek rectangular lighter has a special design and is sized to fit the palm and fingers. When turned on, it emits a clear “sonorous” sound, which gradually became a code name for an art de vivre, and also prompted Dupont to become a generation of lighters.

In 1970 Dupont began producing a range of writing instruments made of gold, silver and copper. In 1981, Dupont followed lighters and writing instruments with a series of rectangular watches designed for men.

In 1982, Dupont decided on its diversification approach and expanded into other markets, producing a range of leather accessories for men to carry with them, such as silver bags, notebooks and address books.

Don’t underestimate these lighters, in addition to being very expensive, they may wish you a helping hand in the workplace! Especially if your boss likes to smoke, use these expensive lighters to light him at the right time, not only make him think that you will come, but also show your high-end taste, it is difficult not to be promoted.