Because I often have to recommend styles for customers, I slowly summed up a little experience, and here I share with you how I choose mats for customers.

Find some network diagrams to give you a reference.

One: Look at the color of the overall soft decoration

Look at large areas of color first, such as curtains, carpets, and large colored background walls.

If these large areas of colors add up to three or four, and they are all very jumpy colors, such as purple + blue + yellow, then the cushion of the sofa should not choose a new color, just choose one of these three colors, so as to avoid too many colors and too messy.

For example, in this example, the curtains are green, echoing the green pillows on the sofa, using orange as a complementary color, and the sofa cushion is gray, and the gray-blue landscape background belongs to the same color system. The whole is very harmonious and very bright.

If there are many colors in a large area, but they are all relatively uniform colors, soft colors, such as gray + beige + white + champagne, then the cushion of the sofa can choose one of these color systems up and down, or you can choose a new jumping color, such as dirt-resistant blue, calm brown, bright orange.

As shown in the picture below, the large environment is rich in color, there are beige, gray, brown, so the cushion is made of light khaki, and only the pillow is used as a decoration. The colors are rich and harmonious.

If there are few colors in a large area, just one or two colors, it is a very good choice, you can choose according to your preferences, if you like the elegant color, if you like the strong can choose the contrast.

Two: Look at the color of the sofa

Looking at the sofa in the video I posted, you will find that the color of the sofa is also dark. If the sofa is particularly red, avoid choosing red and orange, because it is too close to the color of the sofa itself, and the cushion cannot be highlighted, after all, a good match will make the sofa a whole go up another level.

If the color saturation of the sofa is not very high, such as the original wood color, unless you want to create a Japanese log style, otherwise I do not recommend using gray and white rice, especially if there is a large carving on the back of the sofa (so it is difficult to set up), it doesn’t matter if the backrest is not carved but hollowed. Of course, I’m just giving an example, the specific situation depends on the sofa.

Three: If you want to choose a cushion here, you can send me a front photo of the sofa, I will recommend and help P picture when I have time (but my P is slow, be patient and wait for me Oh), this is better to choose, more intuitive, but please be sure to shoot squarely, and the light should be better.

Four: If you have any good color matching suggestions, you can write a comment ~