We know that many cars are now equipped with alarm systems, which can give owners warnings about anti-theft or special situations of the car, which can be said to be very practical. But if the car alarm suddenly goes off for no reason, it is very disturbing.

So what causes it

The car alarm sounds

What about it? Today we will lead you to analyze it together.

Immobilizer sensitivity issues

If the car alarm keeps ringing, it is likely that the sensitivity of the immobilizer is too high, causing the device to sound the alarm if it feels a little vibration.

As for how to solve it? It should be found first

The host of the immobilizer

, generally under the steering wheel and under the A-pillar in the guard, and then directly fine-tune the sensitivity adjustment button, but do not adjust it too low, otherwise it will reduce the car’s anti-theft coefficient.

Immobilizer line problem

If the car alarm sounds abnormally, it may also be because the main engine line of the anti-theft device has a problem, and it needs to be inspected, repaired or replaced in time. But whether it is checking the line or replacing the alarm, we still leave it to the professionals.

After all, this kind of problem is indeed beyond our ability, and the siren host is integrated with many lines, if the installation is not professional or the line is reversed, the anti-theft device cannot be used, and the components in the car are burned. Therefore, if you want to deal with it privately, think twice.

The siren is not installed correctly

If your car’s newly installed siren often triggers the alarm for no reason, it is most likely caused by the incorrect installation of the siren. Such as some

The part is not fully attached

, or there is a connection error that causes the alarm system

The required power is not being obtained

to maintain normal function and more.

Other issues

In addition, if the door is not closed, it will cause the alarm to sound abnormally, and when the wire is short-circuited, the car alarm will also sound endlessly, resulting in battery feeding.

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