Girls generally prefer small man’s waist and A4 waist, but now they are outdated, and now it is popular to “slap waist”, which can be held with the palm of the hand from the side, but many girls do not meet its requirements. Yang Ying wore a tight skirt and stuffed her sweater inside when attending the event, which was really unheard of, and she let everyone see what a standard “slap waist” is.

Female stars in order to maintain the figure is really enough to fight, Yang Ying for beauty, Sheng Sheng trained herself into a “slap waist”, in this event attended, wearing a tight high-forked skirt, itself is tight enough waist, but also stuffed the sweater in, sure enough, good figure can be willful, can have such a good figure, presumably usually very strict requirements for themselves, whether from the figure, or appearance is very enviable.

Skirts are an indispensable item in a girl’s wardrobe and are perfect for any event. If you want to show off your figure and sexy side, a tight skirt is the best choice, because the close-fitting design helps to show off the perfect curves of the body. If you choose a skirt, the design of the side split will make people more attractive, and it can also highlight the line of the thighs, which can instantly attract people’s attention, and it is also the best choice to highlight the charm.

If you choose a skirt, you can choose a sweater with fashion options for the upper body like Yang Ying, and the same dark color will make people look slimmer and slimmer. Moreover, the cuffs are designed with balloon sleeves, which can cover the arms and have an age-reducing effect. And tucking the sweater into the skirt can highlight the slimness of the waist, as if a slap can be held, with white board shoes under the feet, less feminine, adding a casual taste, is also a very good choice.

As a timeless popular element in the fashion industry, denim is very popular, no matter how old you are, you can wear a different atmosphere, and it is also one of the must-wear for celebrity airports. Denim comes in a variety of styles and colors, but dark denim is definitely the most common and least conspicuous.

Dark denim can be easily controlled regardless of height, shortness and thinness, and it is thinner than light-colored denim, with short sleeves, leggings, and slacks, girls if they want to look different. You can match it with a skirt inside, it also fits perfectly, and it is more cool and fashionable.

If it is in hot weather, girls will choose to travel in a sling, which will bring some coolness to the hot weather. If the suspenders are matched with tight pants, it will feel tight, and it will be uncomfortable to wear, but with a pair of loose slacks, it is different, regardless of comfort, there will be a thin effect, and the loose fit of the pants is also quite friendly to girls with a large crotch, and there is no need to worry about the problem that the crotch is not good-looking, wearing this is absolutely quite handsome and stylish when walking on the road.

The piece with check is also quite fashionable, such as the high-waist red plaid skirt can be matched with a white T-shirt, simple matching can also wear a sense of fashion, and the red plaid skirt, with a retro atmosphere, because the color is more bright, just can be neutralized with white, short design, in the T-shirt stuffed into the skirt, you can outline the waist thinner, and will continue to increase the effect, if it is cold you can also put a black jacket outside, it will give people a cool feeling.

With the development of the trend, suits are not only optional for attending events, but also good for wearing them in private. Generally fashionable girls, when choosing clothes, love to wear oversized shapes, and now more popular the bigger the more fashionable style.

With a suspender or short sleeves in the suit, it will reduce the sense of formality and make people look more fashionable, and the suit may not be a perfect match with trousers, change into a pair of jeans, different styles collide together, will produce different sparks, walking on the street can definitely earn enough return.

Yang Ying in addition to the acting skills need to be improved, the clothes are still very good, especially her “slap waist” is really worthy of the name, dare to wear any clothes, with such a good body ratio of course to show!