From beginning to end, it was a long run-in process, and the summer that belonged to the band in a daze was over.

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The second season of the band’s summer (hereinafter referred to as Lexia), the finale!

The summer of the confused band is also over.

However, “Summer of the Band Season 2” leaves us with a lot to explore, such as light!

Happy Summer Lights

Compared with activities such as parties, variety shows can give more time in lighting creation, whether it is preliminary preparation, rehearsal, and rehearsal time, many ideas of lighting can be fulfilled.

As the lighting design director of Lexia, Lu Xiaowei also said frankly that he was especially grateful to the director team for fully trusting the lighting engineer and giving enough creative space, so that he was fortunate to develop many of his ideas.

Lighting Design Director Lu Xiaowei

Lighting Design Ideas V

Lexia’s lighting design ideas are summarized into three points: pure, retro, and expanding space.

Pure: It is the ultimate, and only pure can reach the extreme.

Vintage: Pop is a cycle, and a lot of low-temperature lamps are used when making Lexia, so that the lighting design returns to the concept of retro.

Expand space: Turn three-dimensional space into thinking space, and expand an emotional space from real space.

On the basis of “light, band-based”, these three points run through the entire lighting creation process of Lexia, and the author will explain the entire process one by one.

A good lighting team is composed of a number of lighting personnel responsible for different sections, this time the lighting design director of Lexia is Tian Weijun, Lu Xiaowei; Chen Fei, Tian Dawei, Yu Yimiao as lighting designers; Lulu Sun serves as a laser designer. Everyone has their own role and does their best to complete each lighting creation.

Lexia’s lighting creation process can be summed up in two words: not easy!

Since the first issue, the lighting team has had its own insistence – insisting on constantly overturning its original design and reinventing according to the uniqueness of each band and song. As a result, many of Lexia’s lighting effects are basically used once and then no longer used.

In addition, the gaffer insisted that the ground must have barbed wire:

1. Barbed wire is more in line with the tone of the band (although it can’t be shot, the details must be in place)

2. Barbed wire can not affect the band bouncing on it to the greatest extent.

3. The most important point is that a large number of beam lights can be installed under the barbed wire.

As introduced in the previous article, a large number of beam lights are installed on the top and bottom of the stage, and the beam lights at the bottom penetrate the stage through barbed wire. Compared with the top-down lighting method, the beam effect of the bottom is completely different from it, and the penetration is stronger. Secondly, the light at the top and bottom crosses to give people a stronger sense of space.

For example, the right to reshape the sculpture “Hailing Drums”, the whole song only uses beam lights, and a lot of ground beam lights are used to make cue, interspersed with ground beam lights and side beam lights interspersed with light array effects.

In addition, lighting also seeks mystery and reality in design:

You can’t see the light points and lamps, so it is better to find some unique angles to use the light.

“No matter how many times I listen to the music, I follow the music offline and finish the program on the spot. As soon as the band performs, watch them rehearsed, and you will have more ideas in your head! ”

When the band rehearsed, the serious state of the band and the live atmosphere brought by the music tracks infected Lu Xiaowei in real time, so he had the idea of changing the effect at zero time. This is also what he insists on, do not be solidified by the original ideas, and be able to achieve better results to try boldly.

Being on the same stage will bring visual exhaustion to the audience. In order to constantly give the audience a sense of freshness, during the creation process, the local layout of the lighting was modified several times. In order to meet the artistic conception of some songs, some special lamps are specially customized. In addition, a large number of prop lights were used to complete the creation.

For example: Wujo people “Ah Zhen Falls in Love with Ah Qiang”, using the shaking head matrix lamp to create a unique lighting effect background wall, and then cooperate with the electrodeless lamp to play the astigmatism effect.

Combs’ “Roof on Fire”, the whole song only uses gold matrix lights for lighting effects. What is different is that this time the animation material is used to control the LED lamp beads to make different light effects, so that the light picture is richer.

And when it came to Dada’s “Firmament”, the golden matrix lamp was also used. But the processing is very different from the light effect. Here, a special shape treatment is made with gold matrix lamps to wrap the musicians in it. In terms of lighting effects, the golden matrix light beam effect is more used.

Village chief Jiang Liang Mandarin’s “Story” specified a batch of lamps, and the whole scene only used color changes to set off the light effect.

Big Wave’s “Kung Fu on the Mouth” uses lasers and prop lights to cooperate with the light forest.

Sometimes simplicity is both extreme and pure; Some songs don’t have to be bells and whistles, but the simpler the better.

Many of Fulu Shou’s songs are very emotional, and the lighting hopes that the stage can be clean, empty and comfortable. Therefore, it only takes a few simple lighting effects to set off the feeling that the song wants to give.

The same goes for wild children’s songs. But the seemingly simple cue in the end has also made many changes. For example, “Yellow River Ballads”, using lighting to make a sun effect. The whole song takes the sun as the main vision, and has done many light and shade treatments, echoing the song and metaphorically the artistic conception and process of the song.

Speaking of which, you must talk about “retro”. Lu Xiaowei believes that fashion is a cycle, and when everyone is pursuing the new, going back and using some old lamps may be able to make some surprise effects. So he customized a batch of low-temperature lamps and downlights for Lexia.

For example, “Chaser of Light” by the Dada Band Chair Orchestra uses a lot of low-color temperature lamps.

The Trojan Horse Band’s “Feifei run” uses a revolving light stand and downlights as the main visual expression, highlighting the simultaneous picture of the lead singer and two musicians.

Su Yunying’s right to reshape the statue “At Mosp Here” uses downlights to make 5 circles with beam lights to make cue. The song has done a lot of details, for example, the position of the 5 circles is not on the same level, but the top two circles are hung in the position of the band, and the remaining three are mounted on the background light stand, which can enhance the depth of the stage. In order to be able to highlight the structure and contour of the 5 circles, a set of lamps was used to hit the light effect on the circle in the form of a backlash.

The outer circle of the circle has also been detailed, and a halo effect has been made using a small beam.

The lighting has done a lot of detailed work during the design and programming, and some effects are even more daring to use in some variety shows in the past, and a bold attempt has been made here. For example, Big Wave Fulu Shou’s “Sister You Go Bold Forward” uses strong backlight in order to highlight the characters in the prelude, while ignoring the existence of face light.

Big Wave’s songs have a lot of electro elements, so the songs use a lot of laser elements to match. When the laser is out, all backlight and fixed point light are cut and processed, do not enter the laser range, and keep the picture clean.

The lighting was designed and programmed with the overall picture composition in mind. The layout of the lamp position has a sense of hierarchy, which can use light to divide the stage space, so that the three-dimensional stage becomes a four-dimensional space.

For example: Joyside mosaic “Mark’s theme” shows the true colors of heroes, using the cooperation of lighting and video to turn the entire stage background into a three-dimensional space.

Dada’s “Goodbye” uses many lamps for atmospheric rendering, and the top lights are darkened to emphasize the sense of loneliness. In order not to make the stage too empty, several sets of downlights were added to the scene at zero hour.

In addition to the existing stage space, the lighting also hopes to create a space that cannot be seen but can be felt, which is the emotional space. On a visual level, lighting is the most capable of rendering the entire atmosphere, especially the application and change of color can make the audience feel the inner world of the singer and the meaning expressed by the song.

Just as a TV series needs a protagonist, the performance of a song needs a protagonist, and so does the band, and so does the lighting: each song uses a main lamp to complete the cue, and each song has a memory point through the light, so that each band can be remembered by the audience.

The success of Lexia is inseparable from the joint efforts of the director team, stage design, lighting design, visual design, sound design and other work, as well as the cooperation and creation of the orchestra.

From start to finish, this is a long-term running-in process. Only by getting acquainted with the band can you know their preferences and needs to make better results.

“For example, Gojo people, the initial song change incident was really angry that his throat smoked, but fortunately the program he had worked hard to compile was completely wasted. After a long time of contact, you will find that their casualness is also one of the reasons why I like them. Our subsequent cooperation was also very smooth, and we became friends who could drink together. ”

At this point, there are still too many wonderful places not to be written, thanks to the team behind the scenes. You are also welcome to watch the pure version of “Summer of the Band Season 2” on iQIYI, and you can see the full performance video of each band.