Q: Do you have arthritis without cotton flush? How to choose the quality of autumn pants?

A: The autumn trousers on the market mainly have chemical fiber, wool, cotton, etc. As a laundry wearing, the main purpose is to keep the skin’s dry and the basic insulation performance. We need to pay attention to the protection of the material and the adjustment of body temperature.

1, chemical fiber

In recent years, all kinds of tight-fitting warm trousers have become the first choice for women who love beauty. This type of tights can help shape and the price is low. The disadvantage is that due to many chemical fiber components, it is easy to generate static electricity, and even in the dry climate, it will even wear the sound of the rumor in the process of wearing, and take off. In addition, this material has good softness and excellent hygroscopicity, but the insulation performance is general, so it is not suitable for “warm”-purpose autumn trousers.

Chemical fiber ingredients are stimulating skin, dry skin or allergies, it is best not to choose this material, if we must wear it, it is recommended to apply moisturizer first. In addition, this tight pants are lacking breathable on their body. Because it is too tight, the blood is not smooth, and the body will become colder. Therefore, the disease control is not recommended to wear chemical fiber warm pants for a long time.

[Electrostatic Knowledge Classroom]

The production of static electricity is related to the composition of the fabric, the more the synthetic fiber content is, the more easily produce static electricity. In addition, the stronger the water absorbing capacity of the fibers, the greater the resistance. Studies have shown that acrylic, polyester is the king that produces static electricity, and natural cotton and linen has a weak electrostatic capacity. After testing, under the same conditions, fibers produce static power: polyester> Various Venin> nylon> Acrylic> Silk> Wool> Adhesive> Cotton.

2, wool class

The biggest benefits of wool are antibacterial deodorant. In common textile fibers, wool has strong moisture absorption, and contains wool ingredients, the warm index is the highest, and the middle-aged and elderly are welcome, especially some legs are afraid of cold middle and old age. people.

However, it should be noted that the price of woolen materials is high, poor durability, and people who are allergic to wool are not suitable for wearing wool ingredients. In addition, the wool also produces static electricity, and if the cold population is to select such a trousers, the anti-static detergent can be selected when washed.

3, cotton

Cotton material is sweat-absorbent, breathable, basically do not produce static electricity, so there is a minimum of problems caused for skin.

Although its style is slightly bloated, it is disappeared by many people who love beauty, but the thermal conductivity of cotton fiber is extremely low, and because of itself having porous, flexible, flexibility, the fiber can accommodate a lot of air, and air is a poor heat and electricity. The conductor, so the cotton fiber component has good insulation, wearing cotton material will make people feel warm, so the cotton trousers is the first choice for winter warmth!

Do you not wear legs?

The “arthritis” mentioned by people refers to osteoarthritis, which is due to the disease caused by the use of life, and has been used in many middle-aged people.

Do not wear the autumn pants, will not directly induce knee arthritis, but the legs will increase the illness of knee arthritis, aggravate pain. In the cold weather, people will appear in the case of muscle contraction, the joint stiffness, joint blood flow and slider secretion. In this case, the chance of accidental injury in the joint will increase, and it is easy to cause indirect injury to the human body.

Therefore, do not wear the autumn trousers and the arthritis is not directly related, but for your knees, or listen to adults, ME more Cool (cotton trousers) wear!

Source: Oriental Network