The essential differences between electric drills and electric hammers are: (1) The volume size is different. (2) Of course, the weight is not the same. There is only the motor (rotor + stator) and the gear biting each other and there are revolutions in the electric drill, and the electric hammer is different, because it is called “hammer”, so it has impact force and can drill concrete. Hard substances such as stones. Therefore, the volume of the electric hammer is a little larger than the electric drill, and the electric hammer should have important accessories such as cylinders, connecting rods, and pistons. Electric drills can only drill wood, iron, plastic and other materials.

The drill simply rotates and does not vibrate longitudinally.

The hammer not only rotates, but also vibrates longitudinally.

If you use an electric hammer to drill a metal hole, you have to play with two drills, and if you use an electric drill to hit the cement hole, nine times out of ten, you can’t hit it.

Electric drill: With the corresponding drill bit, it can drill holes on objects of different materials.

Impact drilling: Compared with ordinary electric drills, it has a small vibration drilling ability, which is suitable for drilling on stone, and the advantage of impact drilling is that the impact force is small to avoid damage to fragile materials.

Electric pickaxe: There is a great impact function to directly impact and destroy the object just like you use a hammer and a chisel to work, but the efficiency is definitely N times higher than if you did it by hand hehe.

Electric hammer: professional drilling on strong surfaces, concrete, stone, and multi-functional electric hammer, adjusted to the appropriate position with the appropriate drill bit can replace ordinary electric drill, electric pick.

The electric hammer is the use of piston movement, compressed gas to impact the drill bit, does not need to make much force by hand, can be in the coagulation diagram. Brick. Stone and other hard materials open 6–100mm holes, drilling on the above materials opening efficiency is high, but it can not open holes in metal. Electric drill is not impactful, requires manpower to apply pressure on metal, wood and other materials to open holes, diameter 6-50. The advantage is small vibration, high hole opening accuracy, the price is not high.

Both electric hammers and impact drills can make holes in concrete structures, both of which have piston movement.

Electric hammer is suitable for large diameters such as 30mm and above. The advantages are high efficiency, large pore diameter and long drilling depth. The disadvantage is that the vibration is large, and it has a certain degree of damage to the surrounding structures.

Impact drills are suitable for conditions such as small diameter of about 25mm and short drilling depth, such as installing expansion bolts. The damage to surrounding structures is minimal.

In addition to the electric hammer used for the wall hole for air conditioning installation, electric drills should be used in other locations.

Difference: The hammer drill bit is assembled with a clamp-on type, which is simple and does not require any tools.

Impact drills require special keys to tighten on

Both electric hammers and impact drills can make holes in concrete structures, and the power of electric hammers is relatively large

The electric hammer is an electric drill plus a hammer to knock in, and the electric drill is only responsible for drilling

The electric drill is only driven by the motor to increase the force of the drill bit rotation and make the drill bit in metal. Wood and other substances are scraped on the form of holes.

When the impact drill works, there is an adjustment knob at the drill bit chuck, which is divided into two ways: adjustable drilling and impact drilling. However, the impact drill uses the gears on the inner shaft to jump out of each other to achieve the impact effect, but the impact force is far less than the electric hammer. It can also drill reinforced concrete but it doesn’t work well.

Hammer drill (electric hammer) is different, it is the use of the bottom motor to drive two sets of gear structure, one set to achieve it drilling, and the other set to drive the piston, just like the hydraulic stroke of the engine, produce a strong impact, accompanied by the effect of drilling. The power can split stones and divide gold The electric pickaxe is a bounce form that allows the motor to drive the swing, so that the pickaxe has the effect of hitting the ground

The hydraulic pump pickaxe uses the gas pressure transmitted by the air compressor to drive the pump hammer in the electric pickaxe to bounce back and forth, thereby producing the effect of the pickaxe hitting the ground, but the electric pickaxe only chiseled, and its pickaxe head does not rotate.

Summary: Electric drills can only drill, and impact drills can also have a slight hammering effect. Hammer drills can drill and higher hammer blows, and electric pickaxes only do hammering and do not drill.