Recently, there is a message from a friend, I want to see the use of embroidery on clothing, so today Xiaoai will take you to see it~

Denim-style clothes have always felt cool. In fact, we can add fine embroidery patterns to ordinary denim clothes, so that casual will bring a bit of handsome and fashionable sense, allowing you to add a lot of cute and playful feelings. Moreover, this denim jacket is quite versatile, and it can be harnessed in all styles! See if you like it?

Denim clothes embroidery

Blooming flowers on clothes, using this bright flower with denim light color decoration, is definitely the existence of street corner personality. If you don’t like flowers, then we can embroider other elements, fruits, hearts, leaves, etc. This summer, wear it out on the street.

Embroidered jeans

The texture of denim material is thick and straight, which can highlight the three-dimensional sense of the embroidery pattern, jeans are very common to us, but after embroidery, full of personality, very eye-catching, such clothes and pants can be said to be a work of art!

The perfect combination of embroidery and denim, casually worn with a very wave cool artistic atmosphere, is definitely the highlight that distinguishes you from passers-by.

If you like literary and artistic things, we can embroider words or patterns that are very meaningful to you in a certain position.

The jeans bought on the market may not be their favorite, may not be ideal in style, or the pattern is not good-looking, then well, we can make our own unique denim clothes and pants, and don’t be afraid of bumping shirts in the future! Create your own embroidered denim with a special style.

To make such a fashionable new embroidered jeans, in addition to our normal embroidery method, directly use the borrowed embroidery studio to embroider piece by piece in the clothes, and finally complete. Today, Xiaoai also recommends one to everyone without paying a huge price and not spending hours. All you need is a pair of jeans from your closet, a size 1/2 embroidered fabric, sharp scissors and a small foil paper, and you’re good to go.

Something you need to prepare

1. Hot paper: Hot paper is a kind of hot melt self-adhesive substrate paper for clothing hot drawing, where we need to use hot paper to paste the embroidery pattern on the pants, and then flatten the ironing. 2. Scissors (scissors for cutting) size 3.1/2 embroidery fabric (or reuse embroidery on old clothes). 4. Iron iron 5. Pin 6. Needle and thread 7. Cute shoes (used to match)

Production steps

Step 1: Cut a piece of hot stamping paper with a size of 35cm×40cm, and prepare an embroidered fabric of the same size as the hot stamping paper. (It is possible to cut old clothes that are not worn for secondary use)

Step 2: Preheat your iron to silk ironing mode without steam. (Be careful, don’t use steam)

The iron is preheated to silk ironing mode without steam

Step 3: Place the shiny side of the ironing paper on the inside side of the embroidered fabric. (That is, the side where the stitches can be seen)

Paste hot paper and embroidery cloth

Step 4: Use the iron to move on the back of the hot stamping paper until the hot paper adheres to the embroidered fabric.  

Move with an iron on the back of the hot paper

Step 5: Once the hot paper is fixed and glued, carefully cut it according to the embroidery pattern you want to use on your jeans. (Cut out your favorite embroidery pattern)

Step 6: After cutting out the embroidery pattern, arrange the embroidery pieces on the pair of jeans you want to make, and arrange them in various positions to create your own favorite design.

Step 7: Peel off the ironed hot paper backing.

Step 8: Place the glossy side of the embroidered part on the jeans and secure it with a pin to hold your design in place. It is best to increase the adhesion by pressing it by hand

Use pins to fix the pattern, it is best to press it by hand to increase the degree of adhesion

Step 9: Before starting, be sure to remove the pins that are used for fixation, and by ironing the iron, the heat can be applied to the embroidery pattern design to the jeans.

Step 10: If you are concerned that an embroidery fragment in the embroidery pattern may fall off if it does not stick firmly, you can use needles and threads to sew the edges of the pattern by hand to hold the embroidery in place. (It is recommended to sew it manually after ironing)

It’s done, as long as you like, you can print the embroidery pattern anywhere on the pants, and it is very fashionable and beautiful to wear.


Well, today the embroidered denim will be shared here, the article picture material source Internet, mainly shared for everyone to learn and use.


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