Many car friends, have the habit of smoking in the car, the process of smoking is very enjoyable, but after smoking, the smell of smoke will be pervasive in the car, extremely difficult to remove, if long-term so, it will lead to a very poor environment in the car, will directly affect the health of themselves and their families, therefore, how to remove the smell of smoke in the car, is urgent. So how do you get rid of the smell of smoke? Many car fans will place a variety of fragrant items in the car to cover the smell of smoke, in fact, this method is wrong, this method can only cure the root cause can not cure the root, and the combination of a variety of odors, but will make the air in the car, worse. Today, I will bring you several tips to easily remove the smell of smoke, hoping to help riders who like to smoke in the car!

1. Open diagonal windows

Open diagonal window, refers to the two sides of the car windows, open an equal gap, let the air circulate, and the smoke emitted by the cigarette will be with the circulation of the air, and float out of the car, thereby reducing the smell of smoke in the car, if you only open one window, the air can not circulate, the residual smoke will circulate in the car.

2. Clean the interior of the car regularly

There is a strong smell of smoke in the car, and another reason is caused by the interior products, because the smoke contains a large amount of nicotine, and over time, these nicotine will be adsorbed on the car decoration and emit a peculiar smell, so it needs to be cleaned frequently.

3. Place bamboo charcoal bags

As we all know, bamboo charcoal bag has excellent adsorption capacity, it can not only absorb formaldehyde, but also can absorb smoke smell, put it in the car, can remove the smoke smell in the car, very simple and practical.

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April 20, 2020 to April 30, 2020