Beijing, June 18 (Xie Yiguan) According to the news of the China Consumer Association on the 18th, the China Consumer Association carried out a comparative test on 20 mite remover instruments (devices) and found that the mite removal effect of the samples varied greatly, and the mite removal evaluation of Panasonic, Philips, Whirlpool, Delmar and other brand samples was low.

According to the China Consumer Association, 15 samples were purchased online and 5 were purchased in offline physical stores. Among them, the price of 13 mite removal samples was within 1,000 yuan, which was 159 yuan to 899 yuan; The price of 7 handheld vacuum cleaners with mite removal tips is more than 1,000 yuan, 1899 yuan – 4990 yuan. The sample brands involved 14 brands such as Midea, Puppy, Dyson, Delmar, Lake, Mijia, Haier, Subor, Panasonic, Lake Jimmy, Philips, Whirlpool, Alice, and Sawadica.

20 samples.

All 20 samples advertised mite removal function. Among the 13 mite remover samples, all claimed to have a patting function. 11 units advertised as having ultraviolet sterilization function, 5 units had heating function, and 4 units had cordless structure. All 7 handheld vacuum cleaners are cordless and 3 claim to have a patting function.

The test results showed that among the 20 samples, the mite removal effect was quite different, and the mite removal effect of the handheld vacuum cleaner sample with mite removal tip was better than that of the mite remover sample.

Under the same test conditions, the highest mite removal rate reached 96.52%, which was Dyson SV14DYSON V11 COMPLETE, followed by Philips FC6908/82, Midea P91, Midea VM1711 (B3), Subor VCM01X-01, these five samples had a mite removal rate higher than 90%.

The lowest mite removal rate is only 54.30%, which is the Panasonic MC-WF350 mite remover. In addition, Philips FC6231/81 mite remover, Whirlpool WVC-M402Y mite remover, Delmar CM900 mite remover have low mite removal ratings.

Among the 11 mite remizers with purported ultraviolet sterilization function, 2 had low dynamic (forward and backward movement) sterilization rates, namely KC202 and Delmar CM900.

The China Consumer Association said that in actual use, the mite removal effect is related to the size of the suction power, the greater the suction power, the better the mite removal effect, basically has no direct relationship with whether it has ultraviolet function, patting function, heating function.

It is worth noting that the cordless samples operate at maximum power, and the endurance varies greatly, with the lowest being 7 minutes and the highest being about 24 minutes.

In addition, in terms of noise, although the working noise is generally high, short-term use will not cause harm to the human body. In addition, the test indicators such as particulate leakage and ultraviolet leakage met safety standards, and 20 samples performed safely and reliably.

The China Consumer Association issued a consumption reminder that it is necessary to purchase mite removal equipment on demand, clarify the purpose of use when purchasing, and purchase in a targeted manner; Products with large rated power, the effect of mite removal is not necessarily good, the first thing to consider is the level of mite removal rate; The sterilization function is not equal to the mite removal function, and the removal of dust mites mainly relies on suction; Try to choose products with simple structure, easy to disassemble and assemble, easy to clean, and clean the dust box in time after use; Increase the frequency of use to have a good mite removal effect; The experience of using cordless products is not necessarily good, and should be rationally chosen. (End)