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In the face of the variety of popular items in autumn, my favorite is the coat, the top player of fashion items.

Nowadays, the weather is getting colder, and the coat is even more important. So, today’s theme of our matching is a coat, teach you to use it

The coat is fashionable

。 The steps are not complicated, just three outfit templates are needed to easily have a stylish style.

Tips1: Gray-blue tweed coat + beige knit suit, fresh and elegant fashion look

In other words, gray blue is really a very beautiful color, especially suitable for autumn and winter. This hazy gray color can make the matching look more advanced, and you can have an elegant and stylish style without extra skills.

So the matching becomes very simple, beige suit

“Peace of mind” formula

Attack, easy to play with autumn and winter fashion, simple and fresh matching look.

If you want to add a sense of sophistication and inadvertently surprise the four seats, then the easiest way is to add accessories. The gold material is very commendable, making the cool blue more gentle and looks warmer.

It can also be used as a transitional color in the middle, neutralizing the harmony between blue and beige, so it looks very beautiful, and blingbling is very low-key. Small pearls as embellishments, easily add a stylish touch, becoming more and more delicate, special

Little bourgeoisie

, suitable for office workers.

It is not practical to wear it open, and what is urgently needed in late autumn is to keep a warm look, so we can try to match it with a warm scarf.

The high-class gray tone continues to work hard, and it is a perfect match with the blue tweed coat. And the loose jacket also has a high waistline,

Small people can handle it easily

, let you easily wear long legs, isn’t it very exciting.

Tips2: Black tweed coat + striped shirt, full of vitality layered look

Black is a very versatile color, while

Black tweed coat

It is also an item that never goes out of style, so it is loved by many people.

However, the black tweed coat upper body tends to look too low-key, so it lacks some fashion sense, which inevitably makes people feel very disappointed. Don’t rush to give up at this time, we might as well try a striped shirt.

Striped shirts with black can enhance the eye-catching index of the look very well, so as not to make black look too low-key.

If you want something more chic, you can also layer it over a turtleneck to create layers that echo the striped shirt and easily layer it out. Although the whole set is black and white, the effect created is very stunning.

Simple and stylish

In fact, when choosing a tweed coat, we can let the eye be scrutinized. For example, this coat is the correct way to open, although it is a low-key fit, but the buttons are very delicately decorated.

It looks sparkling in the light, so it is very stunning on the upper body, and there is no dullness of black at all

, easily broke the convention, has temperament and thinness.

Tips3: Coffee tweed coat + black wide-leg pants, elegant and stable fashion look

For mature women, too bright colors are not very suitable, so we might as well try more secure colors.

For example, coffee-colored nickname coats are more fashionable, in the same way, some colors in the earth color system are more suitable for mature women, khaki is gentle and temperamental,

Beige is fresh and elegant

Only two colors appear in the whole outfit, so to avoid appearing too low-key, we can add some accessories as appropriate. Metal accessories are also used here, and gold is more suitable for mature women and looks even more

Be safe and generous

The brightness of Blingbling is just right, which enhances the overall eye-catching value, and at the same time does not stand out too much, and it is very beautiful.

One of the rules for looking tall and thin is to choose a dark underwear. The black underwear is the thinnest, and it also complements the coffee color.

Wide-leg pants with a tweed coat have a sense of drape and aura, so it is particularly atmospheric and very suitable

Mature women

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