The first step in skincare is to wash your face.

If the dirt and excess keratin in the pores are not cleansed adequately, unsightly whiteheads, blackheads, and easy to stuffy and close the mouth for a long time.

Today I recommend you from Australia

Oliviam goat’s milk handmade soap

It not only has strong cleansing power, but also has the effect of removing dullness and brightening the complexion.

Oliviam goat milk handmade soap 100g

Four fragrances: plain, olive, aloe vera, grape seed

It is made with fresh and pure Australian goat’s milk, cold-pressed olive oil and plant extracts such as coconut oil, shea butter, aloe vera, grape seed and more.

Gentle and non-irritating, but can wash the dirt on the surface of the skin and pores.

Skin washed with it,

Soft and moist, but also particularly elastic

, is really slippery to the touch ~ slip ~ slip ~ (not fake slippery) completely without the general feeling of dryness, astringency, tightness after washing the face with soap.

Oliviam’s goat milk soap is particularly prone to foaming, moisten it with water, and then pick up the bubble net and gently rub it, “exhale” to create a large foam.

The foam feels so good that I couldn’t help but play with it during the shooting

The foam is rich and delicate, and the Q is soft and soft, just like a cream mousse, I just like it! Another colleague said: “I want to place an order because of the feeling of this foam, and I feel that I will love washing my face…”

The diameter of these foams is only 0.001 mm, which is much smaller than 0.02~0.05 mm of human pores, so it can fully penetrate into the pores, completely absorb and take away excess keratin, oil and dirt.

When washing your face, apply a thick compress on your face for 2~3 minutes, just as a cleansing mask.

Men can also use it as such

Shaving soap

Use. The delicate foam reduces friction for smoother shaving and fresh, less tight skin.

It has natural ingredients and is suitable for all skin types,

Including small babies and sensitive skin with soft and fragile skin, pregnant women can also use it with confidence

。 Gentle enough to wash into the eyes.

Whether it is used to cleanse your face, wash your hands, or use as a bath soap, it is very comfortable and can be used by the whole family.

Goat’s milk handmade soap (100g) is available at the One Living Hall and is available in four fragrance types

Special price¥49(Manufacturer’s guide price¥68)


Until 23:59 on January 14

Australian goat’s milk includes protein, vitamins, minerals, etc., as well as epidermal cell growth factor (EGF) and superoxide dismutated acid (SOD) that are the same as breast milk.

*Epidermal cell growth factor can promote collagen production and accelerate skin repair. Superoxide dismutated acid, an important antioxidant enzyme, can help delay aging.

Its smaller casein and whey protein molecules make it easier to absorb into the skin. The pH value is also similar to the skin, which is very friendly and gentle.

The vast Australian pastures are full of sunshine and fresh grass that allows the sheep to thrive, which also ensures that all the goat milk ingredients used to make the handmade soap are always of high quality.

Oliviam’s goat’s handmade soap contains a variety of plant extracts to target different skin types.

Original (white) contains shea butter extract and coconut oil,

Featuring deep cleansing, moisturizing and moisturizing

。 The fresh and soft milk aroma is particularly pleasing.

Aloe Vera (Light Green) uses Aloe Vera extract from South America to hydrate and relieve acne.

It is very suitable for sensitive skin and acne skin.

Olive (dark green) rich in squalene and some essential fatty acids can effectively restore the skin’s elasticity and radiance.

Prevents rough, chapped skin in autumn and winter.

Grape seeds (purple-pink)

Moisturizes and locks in moisture, brightens skin tone and relieves dullness

, leaves skin more hydrated and translucent.

Now when you buy goat milk soap, you also come with a gray square diatomaceous earth soap tray above

Its quality is very high, it is not easy to become mushy when exposed to water, and it will not crack when placed in the air for a long time. If paired with a good soap tray, it will last longer and be more durable.

Each piece is handmade in Australia and imported originally.

(It is said that each soap takes at least a month to make.) )

The pattern is exquisite and good-looking, packed in a small aluminum box, and it is suitable for giving it away for self-use.

Goat’s milk handmade soap (100g) is available at the Winter Warming Pavilion and is available in four fragrance types


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