Cover News reporter Li Qing Zhu Ning from Shanghai

Because “green pepper”, Sichuan has become the owner of more than a dozen restaurants defendant! Plaintiff “Shanghai million Chui Tong Restaurant Management Company” (referred to as Shanghai Wan Chui Church) believe that these restaurants was due to store signs with “green pepper” words against its trademark rights. After the event the cover of news reports, the plaintiff “Shanghai Wan Chui Church” has been questioned on suspicion of “Pengci lawsuit” malicious prosecution.

December 25 afternoon, reporters cover news Dialogue plaintiff companies – Shanghai Wan Chui Tong restaurant management company chairman left is flying. It responded that all actions were all third-party – still positive law and (Beijing) Intellectual Property Services Limited (referred to as positive law and still) initiate, not Shanghai Wan Tong Tsui intention. Process rights, is still legal and legitimate rights have been completely misrepresented the company to protect the brand of early heart.

Wan Tong Tsui, chairman of the left is flying that combat malicious imitation, unscrupulous businessmen cheat initial fee, it is the intention. Figure showing its use of its brand was cheated initial fee.

“We still have a positive law and ordered the withdrawal of all lawsuits and cease its cooperation, as well as the right to pursue its obligations to retain.” Left is flying said, “I want to sincerely apologize to fellow Sichuan news by its cover, green pepper has always been in Sichuan and Chongqing things, ‘green pepper’ words that everyone can use. I hope with everyone, the dish continues to do a good job! “

Who registered a “green pepper”?

Visit information associated with Wan Tsui first church headquarters and a number of shops and Sichuan

In recent days, Chengdu, Sichuan, Suining, Meishan and other places more than 10 food and beverage companies, because its name contains “green pepper”, the boss has become a defendant. Plaintiff “Shanghai million Chui Tong Restaurant Management Company” (referred to as Shanghai Wan Chui Church) believe that these restaurants was due to store signs with “green pepper” words against its trademark rights.

At 19:00 on December 24th, covers news reporter found the music industry is located in Xuhui District, Shanghai Creative Park Wan Chui Church headquarters. Reporters saw in their honor at the exhibition, a number of medals and Sichuan related. Where the Chengdu New Oriental cooking school in March 2018, awarded its annual school-enterprise cooperation advanced units. Sichuan New Oriental Culinary Institute in July 2018, granted its season-cum-campus graduate talent Shuangxuan gold medal in cooperation. Wan Tsui Church headquarters staff told a reporter, has been concerned about the online information, but as an ordinary employee inconvenience sound, will convey the information to the chairman.

KPS is located in Xuhui District, Shanghai City, “green pepper” the first shop.


December 25, cover news reporters went to the city located in Xuhui District KPS “secret green pepper grilled fish”, the lobby manager, the store is “green pepper” opened the first store, the “green pepper fish casserole “is the same company. “Our chefs are all to Sichuan, are graduates of New Oriental.”

Earlier, news reporters cover information inquiry found that there were reports that Wan Tong Tsui, chairman of the left is to fly in business for 2 years after the fish shop, I began to wonder to innovative products. In 2015 he decided to open the birthplace of Sichuan ruminate trip. In Sichuan Province, Sichuan profound wonder, seeing the rich practice of pickled fish, boiled fish, pepper and fish.

Back to Shanghai, the new left is flying on a boiled fish, pepper and other products to enrich the taste of fish, and decided to make innovation in the cooking vessel, do fish casserole.


Who initiated this wave of litigation?

Sichuan, more than a dozen lawsuits by third parties for the Department

Left is flying that myself only yesterday from the Sichuan friends there, know the company as “green pepper” rights, ignited things. “Our employees, 90% are from Sichuan. Green pepper fish is also working with the Sichuan chef with research and development, I am also going to Sichuan several times a year. I am very fond of Sichuan and Sichuan, totally did not expect to encounter such a thing. “

Left is flying that initiates more than 10 Sichuan “green pepper” restaurant litigation, legal and practical is still positive (Beijing) Intellectual Property Services Limited. “In the past we have had the right dimensions, but mainly for those who maliciously imitating our name, decoration or even cheat initial fee of business litigation.” Said the left is flying in the rights process, the company was mentally and physically exhausted, and even the cost of rights claims inadequate legal fees. Just last year, it is still the law and the (Beijing) Intellectual Property Services Limited to find their own proposed free help safeguard their rights, income rights belong to the company. “I feel very good ah, no time-consuming companies to this whole thing. I did not expect this year, but out of the question.”

Left offered a contract is flying display, Shanghai Wan Chui Tong Restaurant Management Co., Ltd. (Party), and the positive law and still (Beijing) Intellectual Property Services Limited, signed the “intellectual property rights protection services framework contract”: A Party B accepts appoints to the full risk of the agent, agency Party for violation of its “green pepper” and other registered trademarks, patents, copyrights and other intellectual property rights litigation and non-litigation business.

Left is flying that in practice the rights, he did not participate, did not know so many divisions in Sichuan restaurants. After The understanding of rights company find the “green pepper” the object of litigation, will be out to prove a commission, pay Wan Tong Tsui stamped and certified employees, litigation throughout Wan Chui Church itself is not involved. “After verification, has received two pen rights for compensation, a total of 35,000 yuan, we do not have a minute, all to the positive and the law still.”

Bank receipt left is to fly provided, April 4, 2021 and April 9, his company received two pen personal remittances, a sum of 15,000 yuan, a sum of $ 20,000. April 23, Chui Tong Food Co., Ltd. Shanghai million being paid to the law and still (Beijing) Intellectual Property Services Limited of the two charges, a sum of 15,000 yuan, a sum of $ 20,000. Transaction remarks as: collection and payment of attorney’s fees.

Why rights “green pepper”?

Rights against malicious intention is to imitate and deceive initial fee


Left is flying told reporters that he was indeed doing emerald business, because I like spicy food, like Sichuan, to join the restaurant in 2013. “The first is to do grilled fish, a registered trademark in the process, found that many names have been registered, registration difficulties. I wondered more than 20 names, registered to see which played to use which.” Left is flying introduced its the Chennai Industrial company successfully registered the “green pepper” brand, so I used this brand do grilled fish. “We opened the first store in Xuhui KPS city, called green pepper grilled fish.”

Left is flying that due to intense market competition, the company change the track, start doing green pepper fish casserole, and registered the relevant brands, invested more than 300 million a year to promote the brand. “The company has dozens of stores in Jiangsu, Zhejiang region, directly managed.”

“As businesses grew, we found that to learn more and more to visit, but also a growing number of imitation, even with a ruler to the amount our table height, pot and we do exactly the same.” Said the left is to fly “Jiangsu and Zhejiang area has come into a lot of green pepper fish, shop signs, decoration, casseroles imitate us even began to appear online join, leaving the names and addresses of all of us, but not our phone, which we deeply revulsion. “

Wan Tong Tsui, chairman of the left is flying that combat malicious imitation, unscrupulous businessmen cheat initial fee, it is the intention. Figure showing its malicious imitators.

Left is flying that based on this, Wan Tsui Church began rights, against those who maliciously intended to imitate or even bad business cheat initial fee. Sichuan sue these green pepper fish restaurant, not their own Tsui and Wan Tong intention.

Whether there Pengci litigation?

Sichuan villagers to apologize to admit there are loopholes in corporate governance


“I want to cover the news, Sichuan folks, my sincere apologies! Because of our company’s management loopholes, give you cause so much unnecessary trouble, as chairman, I’m sorry!” Said the left is to fly, Although the suit was filed by a third party, but for commission procedures in Wan Tong Tsui staff did not do the audit, issued only with each other “green pepper”, they hastily built a chapter, this is indeed the management of the company vulnerability. “Want to say I am sorry, Sichuan brothers and sisters, these proceedings are in no way intended company, has caused you so much trouble.”

“Yesterday I have asked the relevant personnel are still law and contact with, first, the termination of cooperation, the second is to ask them all the withdrawal, the third is to further communication, if there is excessive rights, the right to pursue positive yet law and legal responsibilities.” Left is to fly says , “Wan Tsui rights of the Church has not won a penny. I am also swear by no malicious prosecution or by the use of trademarks, the idea to make money!”

“Green pepper from Sichuan and Chongqing in itself, is a category and ingredients, you can use as long as not malicious imitation, unscrupulous businessmen cheat initial fee, you can use.” Left is flying, “said an apology to fellow Sichuan again and hope together, green pepper this category continue to do a good job in the future, the green pepper fish do! “

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