Recently, the author found that Mijia Youpin launched a web version, it seems that there is a product This is a big attack on the rhythm of e-commerce, people who have been to the product know that the things inside are toxic, basically after reading it are all want to buy buy the rhythm, today Xiaobian in the shopping of the product, found that Xiaomi ecological chain company Ruimi released a new car product, here is because the company has previously released car bluetooth player, Mijia car air purifier and other car supplies, this time released the new car product is Rumi warm memory memory cotton car neck pillow cushion, to be honest , this thing came too timely, Xiaobian recently wanted to buy a car headrest and lumbar rest, since Xiaomi is out, then directly buy buy the rhythm of buying.

The PC version is still very stylish

Xiaobian has always had a doubt, I don’t know how the headrest of the car seat is designed? Basically, most of the seats of the car are like the seat of the car driven by the young lady in the picture above, and the headrest with the original car is really not easy to use, so basically when driving, if you lean on the headrest, to be honest, it is really uncomfortable, so the original headrest is a decoration.

Many people will buy a headrest and lumbar rest after buying a car, for the headrest and lumbar rest of the car, hardness is very important, too hard for a long time driving will be very tired, too soft basically can not feel the support of the head and waist, Ruimi this headrest material from NASA designated raw materials, using 60D temperature memory foam, the core structure gap is small, comfortable soft and not collapsed, can make the support and comfort to achieve a better balance.

The Rice Car Headrest features a multi-point three-dimensional design that fills the gap between the neck and shoulders and the headrest, thereby dispersing the pressure on the neck and shoulders, and to be honest, this design is only known to motorists that it is humanized.

When buying a car, many sales consultants will tell you that the seat wrapping of the car is very good, the car is comfortable to drive, for the car seat, especially the driver’s seat, the lumbar support is very important, this is a deep experience for people who drive for a long time, so choosing a good lumbar is very important.

This lumbar cushion of Rumi adopts an S-shaped physiological curve design, which can make the back and waist rest fit seamlessly and naturally, full and full, which can greatly relieve the support pressure caused by sitting for a long time. Of course, this waist support is also a necessity for office people.

In terms of color, Ruimi this warm memory sponge car neck pillow cushion provides two colors of beige and dark gray, the price, single neck pillow is 59 yuan, single lumbar cushion 89 yuan, neck pillow cushion set is 145 yuan, the author found that it is still limited time free shipping, compared with other e-commerce merchants of similar products is very advantageous, after all, Xiaomi produced, which makes Xiaobian buy buy buy rhythm.