Author / Sun Xijuan, national level public nutritionist

Reviewer / Jia Huang, M.D., Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine

Sleep is a necessary process in human life activities, and with a good sleep, people’s physical and mental health can be effectively guaranteed. In the past, when choosing sheets, most of them chose only according to their personal preferences. Choose bright and intense red sheets for the newlyweds, dark colors such as gray for the elderly, green and blue sheets for the little boy’s bedroom, pink, yellow, etc. for the little girl’s bedroom. But I don’t know that different colors will have an impact on everyone’s psychology and emotions.

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Today, Zhilijun will tell you from the perspective of bed sheets the impact of the color of the sheets on people’s emotions, and how we should combine our personal situation to choose the right color of the sheets.

Red is happy and welcoming, but not for everyone

Red means happiness, enthusiasm, it makes people emotional, full, and inspires the emotion of love. It is loved by female friends. Red also stimulates the nervous system, increases adrenaline secretion, and enhances blood circulation.

But too much exposure to red can cause anxiety.

Due to excessive pressure in study and work, irregular work and rest in modern people, the prevalence of neurasthenia has gradually increased. These people are sleepy during the day, and it is not easy to fall asleep at night, and it is easy to wake up from dreams.

Therefore, patients with neurasthenia, insomnia, and cardiovascular disease should not use red sheets to avoid aggravating the condition.

Green is “cold”, but it relaxes

Green is easily perceived as a “cold color”, which makes people feel relaxed and calm, and makes people’s hearts feel stable, quiet and gentle. People who are emotionally unstable and easy to be irritable should pay more attention to the quality of sleep. In addition to calming down, pay attention to finding things you like, and maintain a happy and positive mood. Green sheets are best used in the room to relax the mind and relieve tension.

Pink helps you get out of loneliness

Pink is a warm color, and many female friends have a soft spot for pink. Women who like pink tend to be steady and gentle, but they are very sensitive and vulnerable. When alone, I like to immerse myself in fantasy and yearn for romantic love and perfect marriage. Most men who like pink also have gentle personalities and have a broad heart. Because pink can reduce the secretion of adrenal hormones, which helps stabilize mood. Pink can also relax tense muscles. therefore

People with autism and mental depression may wish to choose pink bed linen, which can help relieve mental stress and promote physical and mental health.

Orange makes people feel good

Orange is the color of happiness and wisdom. It stimulates sociality and is closely linked to our emotional well-being. It can also rejuvenate the body and promote food absorption.

It is recommended that the elderly use orange sheets in their apartments, along with

As we age, the taste buds on the tongue of the elderly will gradually degenerate, and the response of the tongue to perceive food will slowly weaken.

Coupled with the decline in the digestive function of the elderly, it can also cause loss of appetite. Orange can induce appetite, and make people feel refreshed and happy.

The tranquil blue keeps you away from insomnia

Blue is a color with a unique temperament, blue tends to inner peace, and understands the meaning of survival and the pursuit of life as a whole in a calm state of mind. The deeper the blue, the stronger the call to infinity. It evokes a desire for pure and natural things. Blue helps reduce symptoms such as headaches, fever, and insomnia. Generally speaking

If you have high blood pressure or heart disease, it is best to choose light blue sheets to facilitate a drop in blood pressure.

Color has an important impact on people’s psychological activities, especially with emotions, so friends should not ignore the impact of the environment in the bedroom on sleep!

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