Hohhot, July 3 (Xinhuanet) — On the 3rd, the “Hailar Cup” Grassland Star Fifth Inner Mongolia Young Singer TV Grand Prix was launched in Hohhot. The competition is divided into four categories: bel canto singing, ethnic (folk) singing, Mongolian patriarch singing and popular singing, and has been auditioned simultaneously in the four competition areas of Hulunbuir, Baotou, Bayannur and Xilin Gol.

Wang David, director of the large-scale activity program center of Inner Mongolia Radio and Television Station, introduced that this year’s competition set up a second studio, and through the third visual attention to the competition, to create a sense of scene and atmosphere. Let the contestants, judges, experts, relatives and friends intersperse the voices in the camera, and play the effect of reality TV in the show.

The competition is co-sponsored by Inner Mongolia Radio and Television Station, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Musicians Association, Hulunbuir Hailar District People’s Government, and organized by Inner Mongolia Radio and Television Station Large-scale Activity Program Center. It aims to provide a cultural platform for young singers in Inner Mongolia to exercise themselves and show their style, which will play a positive role in discovering, selecting and cultivating the reserve strength of vocal music in Inner Mongolia.