When the autumn breeze started, Shanghai officially entered autumn.

Seeing the cat owner move from tile to floor, and from floor to blanket, humans began to make efforts to let cats sleep in the cat litter.

However, the result may be this: seeing the cardboard box and the cat litter, the cat jumped into the cardboard box without hesitation ↓

Some netizens said, “Don’t be lucky, the cat will not sleep in the nest you prepared for it.” Some netizens are very optimistic, “In the end, the cat litter is bought by people for themselves, and the first consideration is whether you like it or not.”

Therefore, not only pet brands will design cat litters and pet homes in a broad sense, but also large furniture brands such as IKEA and Nitori, designer brands such as Nendo and LYCS have also joined, and some have even appeared at the Milan Furniture Fair. This time, Zhou Zhijun will share some interesting cat litters.

IKEA: Cats don’t like it, people can still use it

In 2017, IKEA launched its first pet home collection Lurvig, which means furry in Swedish. IKEA designers work with veterinarians to take into account the livability of pets and the durability of furniture, with the intention of bringing affordable and easy-to-use pet products.

The “cat house with outriggers” is one of the most popular products in the collection, and you can think of it as


Place next to the bed. The cat house has a semi-enclosed design, so that cats can hide inside and patrol the surrounding environment. With IKEA’s cat-specific mats, it will not be cold in winter.

The front of the cat house is made of sisal and can be used as a cat scratch board. The legs are removable, so you can also hang it on the wall and insert it into an IKEA shelving unit. Of course, you can also buy the version without a stand directly.

The “cat house with stool” is a bit like a toy stool for children, but more practical. Its usage is wrapped in IKEA

Metal stools

Outside. You can sit in a chair and your kitten can sleep at your feet. Imagine this picture, it’s too beautiful to be heartwarming.

The biggest advantage of these products is that even if the cat doesn’t like it, you can still use it!

Nitori: There are cold cat litters in summer and fever cat litters in winter

Nitori is the highest-selling furniture brand in Japan. You can think of it as an affordable version of MUJI, which is slightly inferior in appearance, but very functional.

In the field of cat litters, Nitori has cold cat litters in summer and fever cat litters in winter, and the main thing is also functional. Nitori is a moisture-absorbing and heat-warming cat litter made of corduroy material

Open deep sleeping nest

。 It looks very comfortable and is suitable for cats with a bold personality.

■Nitori absorbs moisture and warms the cat litter Image: Bald Girl TV

However, the most popular thing for cats is actually a cushion in his house. Shaped like toast bread, it is spacious, flat and soft, and it has been requisitioned by cat owners after taking it home. Does this mean – don’t buy too small a cat litter, buy a big one?

■Nitori toast cushion Image: Web

Dogman: Pumpkin cat litter jumped to Internet celebrity, as well as pumpkin lanterns, croissants…

Dogman is a brand specializing in pet products in Japan with a history of 57 years. The cuteness of Japanese brands is fully exerted here.

At this year’s Asian Pet Exhibition, Zhou Zhijun saw the croissant-shaped cat litter brought by Dogman. Closed design, there is a three-pronged opening drill mouth, the cat will close after burrowing, keeping the interior dark and full of fun.

A cat litter of its sub-brand Paizillu can be called “Internet celebrity”, which makes people want to raise cats. The pumpkin cat litter shape is very cute, leaving only a narrow opening, allowing the cat to get into hiding cats and playing with the bed.

Without doing one thing or another, Pai Zilu further developed this kind of closed cat litter into “

Hide the cat drill nest

series, this year launched the magic pumpkin lantern, flower bud style. Little friends with milk cats at home, you may wish to consider the buds, I don’t know who is sweeter between cats and cat litters?

However, don’t forget to read the store’s instructions before placing an order, which is specially marked “Not suitable for cats that like to stretch, cats and cats that like to drill.” “Every cat has its own personality, for example, a cat that likes Nitori’s deep sleeping nest and cushion certainly doesn’t like a closed litter that needs to be curled up.

If you buy the wrong one, you can only cover your feet and use it.

Necosekai: The cat is a small quilt, and your cat depends on it to become an Internet celebrity!

Necosekai (Cat World) is a mid-to-high-end brand focusing on cat products in Japan, with many star fans, and has also opened a store in cooperation with Tsutaya Shoten.

Many cat owners like his home

Cat sleeping bag

, after all, it is too good to take pictures. There are three colors: red bean, blue, and peach. However, this kind of bedding that needs to be drilled into, the little cat may prefer it, and the big cat may use it when he was a child. If it doesn’t work, it can only be used for posing!

The wallet is relatively drum, and friends who want to make the pet home and decoration style consistent can also consider necosekai

Original rattan furniture

。 This rattan hammock uses vines imported from Indonesia, with an elegant appearance, with cushions used in spring, autumn, summer and winter, which is a high configuration in the cat bed world.

MEYOU: Elegant cat litter from Paris, only sold in three

MEYOU is a cat furniture design brand from Paris that debuted at the Milan Furniture Fair. The biggest feature is that it is expensive in the opinion of Zhou Zhijun. After all, not every cat litter can be sold for a few hundred euros, thousands of yuan.

The two on the left are The Cube and the right is The Ball

However, just as Lafayette left all his inheritance to a cat, there are always people willing to pay for such a cat litter. MEYOU’s cat litter has three styles: The Cube, The Bed, and The Ball, all of which are made of wool felt and are supported by logs and metal spherical cat litters.

It’s like a cocoon

Miacara: A cat litter that matches your log furniture for five thousand dollars

UNEXPECTEDLY, MEYOU IS NOT THE MOST EXPENSIVE. Miacara is a German pet home furnishing brand that has won several Red Dot and Design Awards. His cat litter Covo costs 499 euros, plus freight, tariffs and other expenses, and the domestic price has exceeded 5,000 yuan.

This cat litter is made of sturdy plate and handmade in Germany.

The exterior looks very suitable for our furniture

。 As the brand’s designer Uta Cossmann says: “For the symbiosis of my pets, housing and comfort.” For me, design meets elegance. ”

Yi Shiwu: Joint name with the Forbidden City to let the master live in the Forbidden City

After looking at so many foreign designs, let’s take a look at the “national tide” in the pet industry.

As we all know, the Forbidden City has been inhabited by cats for generations, and they are “royal cats” with identities by catching mice. A collaboration between Ichishiwu and the Palace Palace Culture”

Forbidden Imperial Meow Room

“, double-storey palace, painted by hand, three-dimensional plaque, full score of appearance.

The Forbidden City cat litter is made of corrugated paper, which is equivalent to cat scratch boards everywhere. Two floors above and below, multiple door openings, equivalent to cat tunnels. It is a nest and a toy, and the store said very confidently in the product introduction: “98% of the meow master personally tests and loves to use”.

Mochi: Product designer turns to make cat nests to create transformable “transformers”

Mochi is a domestic pet products brand focusing on originality. Founder Haizhou has done product design for Panasonic, Tencent, OPPO, etc., and won design awards at home and abroad.

This cat litter called “Daifuku” is the best-selling product of mochi and has a very good design. By simply adjusting the combination, auxiliary accessories, Daifuku cat litter

There are four ways to use it

, let the cat fall asleep according to his own preferences.

“Backrest Mode” provides cat owners with a high backrest, spacious and comfortable cushions, and a wide field of vision, suitable for domineering cats.

The cat litter of “retreat mode” is a semi-closed cat litter, which is more closed and suitable for cats who like to drill.

The “Open Mode” cat litter is an open cat litter, suitable for cats with a large body and like to stretch their bodies.

“Cradle Mode” is the most special, install hanging accessories on the cat litter, hang on tables, hangers and other places that can bear the weight of the cat, and the kitten can also play on the swing!

Daifuku cat nest finally hides a mystery – the plastic cushion is hollow, and you can inject cold or hot water into it to achieve the effect of cooling down in summer and keeping warm in winter.

The feeling of making the cat litter into a high-tech product, Thoughtful Jun can’t help but sigh: too powerful!

After seeing so many cat litters, is there one you like?

Finally, summarize a cat litter purchase strategy for everyone: cats usually sleep in strange positions, choose an open cat litter; If you like to sleep in a corner, choose a semi-closed or closed cat litter. Cats like hard materials, choose corrugated paper, rattan weaving, boards, solid wood cat litters, and add blankets in winter; If you like soft materials, choose corduroy, wool felt, pure cotton.

The process of buying a cat litter is actually a process of getting to know your pet. In the meantime, don’t forget the stray cats living outside, when it’s cold, prepare some cat litters for them. They will cherish it.

Source: Thoughtful