Nowadays, various Internet celebrity kitchen designs are emerging, which often look beautiful and exciting, but only after experiencing it will you know how difficult it is to use.

Not long ago, I saw a blogger on a certain sound, she said that the kitchen must be made of hanging rail doors, looking at the high value of her kitchen, I followed the trend and made this design. Unexpectedly, after only half a month, I experienced the shortcomings of the hanging rail door.

So what are the kitchen designs that are not recommended to do?

Let me tell you!

Do not make hanging rail doors

Kitchen sliding doors can be divided into two types, one is a hanging rail door and the other is a floor rail door.

At that time, the blogger I was watching recommended the installation of hanging rail doors, and the reason she gave was hanging rail doors

There are no sanitary dead ends

。 I have nothing to refute to this, because the hanging rail door relies on the upper hanging wheel to slide, only the upper rail has no lower rail, and there is no groove below naturally there is no sanitary dead end, reducing the amount of housework.

But the disadvantages of hanging rail doors are also very obvious, that is

The requirements for load-bearing are high

The weight of a door is maintained by the hanging wheel, if the reinforcement is not done, there may be potential safety hazards, so the door beam of the hanging rail door is best reinforced with European pine plate.

Do not make wooden countertops

Countertops are available in a variety of materials, including quartz stone, stainless steel, marble, fireproof board and slate, to name a few.

Among them, the fireproof board is a representative of the wooden countertop, which has

High appearance

The advantages of looking more welcoming than those artificial stone countertops.

There is also a significant drawback to wooden countertops, that is:

Moisture resistance is not good

。 When installed in the kitchen, where there is a lot of water, it is easy to deform and mold.

The preferred material for countertops is quartz stone.

No plasterboard ceiling

There are two types of kitchen ceilings, which are gypsum board ceilings and aluminum gusset ceilings.

Gypsum board ceilings are available

Beautiful and fire resistant

advantages. It can engrave all kinds of patterns, whether it is print or embossing.

But the disadvantages of plasterboard ceilings are also obvious, that is

Easy to be yellowed

。 My home is a white plasterboard ceiling, which is directly yellow one degree under the long-term smoky fire.

My advice is to choose an aluminum gusset ceiling.

No ceramic countertop basin is installed

There are three ways to install kitchen sinks, which are above-counter basins, under-countertop basins, and countertop basins. The common sink material is stainless steel, and many people feel that the stainless steel basin is not good-looking, so they choose the above ceramic bench basin.

As everyone knows, the shortcomings of the countertop basin are very obvious, that is

There are sanitary dead ends

。 When we cut vegetables, there will be dregs on the countertop, and many people will sweep the dregs directly into the sink, but the countertop basin cannot do this.

Not only that, the glass glue at the junction of the basin and the countertop may also become moldy and black, which is very aesthetically pleasing.

If you think the ceramic sink is more aesthetically pleasing, too

It is recommended to choose a ceramic undercounter basin

Well, the above is the 4 kitchen Internet celebrity designs I made, really good looking and useless, do you have anything else to add? Welcome to leave a message below and discuss with me!

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