Korean version temperament pearl earrings, pearls symbolize elegance, this temperament pearl earrings, make your goddess temperament, with feminine jewelry elements

Korean version of versatile pearl earrings, today’s hipsters in addition to fighting clothes, assembling appearances, following the footsteps of hipsters, even inadvertent small jewelry is full of caution, you will be more trendy.

Simple geometric silver stud earrings, open triangular geometric design, simple and personal. Ear stud earrings, small and cute. 925 silver, specially prepared for you who are prone to allergies.

Temperament long earrings, with any kind of clothes will enhance your taste, classic black is also versatile, more can show the mature charm of women, let you discover another self.

Simple size pearl long stud earrings, very delicate, stud earrings are very good-looking, wearing the whole person has temperament, wearing it on the ear will not feel pain.

Pearl ring three-piece, no gemstones to show, pearl style is simple, but more temperamental than them, soft pearls can more perfectly express the femininity of women, no diamonds dazzling, is the temperament connotation of women’s favorite.

Korean version of versatile metal beads tassel stud earrings, earrings composed of many metal balls of different sizes, small and fresh, casual style really no longer have to worry about bad matching clothes, sexy is it feels that wearing is the most appropriate.

Fashion temperament red pearl earrings, to a little warm red, fresh silver to see too much, it is inevitable to have some aesthetic fatigue, adjust your visual enjoyment.

Temperament no ear piercing ear clips, so that you can also wear earrings, no ear piercings, using the style design of ear clips, unique shape worn on the ears, more dazzling.

Versatile four-piece ring, also need a ring to embellish, no matter how good the clothing matches, show your beautiful hands, simple matching, plus this versatile ring four-piece set, hot summer, minutes to become a temperament goddess.