As a close-fitting clothing, especially related to female physiology, the first consideration is definitely “healthy” when purchasing, and our most commonly heard of the “pure cotton underwear is the most healthy” said that it is correct, different The fabric has its own advantages and disadvantages. Today, share the most common three underwear fabrics, cotton, ice silk and Most, let’s take a look ~

Cotton underwear

Speaking of the health factors of cotton underwear, everyone thinks, it must be natural fabric, soft skin, no irritating, of course, this is a great advantage. Because cotton is easily absorbent, it is easier to evaporate the sweat from the surface of the skin, and it is not easy to breed bacteria and keep the skin dry. But in the summer, the sweat is not easy to dry, the cotton underwear is not easy to dry, and the time is easy to cause redness, itching, etc. And the pure cotton underwear is replaced, and the elastic deformation of the wearing is easy to lose, and it is basically replaced by 2-3 months.

Advantages: Comfortable, breathable; Disadvantages: Easy to deform, high replacement frequency.

Buying skills: pure cotton underwear is especially suitable for children, and be careful not to choose the color too deep, avoiding the ingredients in the staining agent hurt the body.

Ice silk underwear


Ice silk is smooth, cold, comfortable, like this season of sweating in summer, is most suitable. Its texture is thin and will not take the hip fat, which is not easy to cause the hips to sag, and the ice silk is close to the sexual body. However, the water panties in the ice silk is not very good, not sweat-dissipating heat, which is easy to cause bacteria to breed.


Advantages: cold and comfortable, not easy to marks; shortcomings: no sweat

Buying skills: Wearing clothes in summer, the skirt, the ice silk underwear is the preferred material.

Mordal underwear

Mogal is a regenerative fiber extracted from wood. From a health perspective, it is the same as cotton underwear, which is natural fiber. The biggest feature of Modal’s underwear is that it is soft enough, the feel is very good, comfortable, and the anti-wrinkle performance is good, and the washing is still soft, and it will not fade. But Mogall material is less friendly, not enough skin, it is easy to cause allergic reactions, itch, pain, and red.


Advantages: soft, wrinkles; disadvantages: Exercising body caution.

Buying tips: Try to choose more than 95% of Moemor’s texture is better, more skin.


For underwear, comfort and softness and moisture breathable are the most basic requirements. As a safe choice or recommended cotton underwear, you like to try some new things, you can try Moore and ice silk. The health performance of underwear is most important. In addition to watching the value, it should look at the raw material table ~