Last week we talked a little bit about Oxford shoes, which are very suitable for both workplace and casual style. However, in autumn and winter, we also bring out another kind of shoe on some occasions: booties.

In the summer, wearing booties has to stuff the feet out of sickness, more or a variety of sandals and slippers fancy change, so when we take out the boots, it is matched with trousers, leggings + skirts and other bottoms.

If you wear long pants + booties, it is best to pull up the legs, do not tuck the legs into the cuffs of the boots, and do not cover the boots with the trouser tube, so that a short piece of skin is exposed between the shoes and the pants to look good!

Autumn can be said to be the season of all kinds of stockings, and another golden partner of booties is stockings, such as stockings, over-the-knee socks, and even tights can be matched.

The reason why booties are easier to match with stockings than single shoes is because they do not show the instep, and I can only say that I don’t like to wear them in nightclubs when wearing single shoes to show all kinds of impermeable socks.

Because the instep visually extends the length of the leg, once this way of increasing height is lost, the requirements for the leg shape of the boots are also higher. So according to different leg shapes, we have to choose different styles of booties.

The height of the booties is very important, and the boots that are just length to the ankle bone can only be handled by fairies with thin and long legs, I looked at myself, or forget it.

Booties like this length that cover the ankle are the most common in the mall.

The most obvious disadvantage of booties of this length is that the calves will produce a “one-size-fits-all feeling” and appear short.

Of course, in our case, as long as it is not a girl with two muscles in the calf, it is no problem.

1. Choose boots with high heels

European and American distressed vintage waxed cowhide high heel, round toe side zipper, block heeled mid-barrel booties

2. Boots with loose and large cuffs

Martin boots autumn women’s new booties fashion trend 32 small size mid-tube women’s booties versatile sexy women’s boots

Deep V booties, which not only expose the instep in the design, extend the visual sense of the calf, but also have the beauty of the wrapping of boots, which is a kind of boots with relatively small requirements for leg shape.

Pink Martin boots, women’s booties, deep V-shaped single boots, pointed toe, high heel, stiletto matte and naked boots

Of course, showing the instep means that the socks don’t look so good, so if you choose deep V booties, wear stockings or invisible socks.

Let’s take a look at what trendy boots are available this year to decorate this delicate autumn and winter

Leather fringed booties feminine high heeled block heel zip casual single boots

The thin tassels swing with the footsteps of people, light and cheerful. Not bound to a simple posture, pursuing life enjoyment and advocating freedom and liberation.

British style high heeled stiletto heel boots pointed toe shoes spring and autumn single boot boots children’s winter

The two materials are glossy and matte, creating both sharp and stable styles. The vintage design of the studs, individual and luxurious, combined with the natural combination of leather, is like a star in the night.

Pointed-toe block heeled ankle boots

The design of glossy leather and pointed toe is full of femininity and intellectual elegance. The retro design of the lace-up leads the fashion retro style. The side zipper structure allows the boots to be worn and taken off easily.