Today we are going to focus on vehicle maintenance oil. The choice of engine oil may be for some car owner friends, sometimes it seems to be a headache, after all, the price difference is placed there, how should I choose?

Many friends will encounter a problem when driving, whether it is in a 4S store, a chain store, or a general store to maintain the car. What’s the problem? That is, when we change the oil, we change to fully synthetic oil or mineral oil. This point is not clear to many of our friends, the price of changing fully synthetic oil is much more expensive, and the price of changing mineral oil is cheaper, in fact, it can be, then it depends on what kind of car you are.

Now the market Volkswagen engine oil is divided into three categories: fully synthetic engine oil, semi-synthetic engine oil, mineral oil,

As we all know, fully synthetic engine oil is better than semi-synthetic engine oil and mineral engine oil, and whether it is the performance of lubricating oil, dirt cleaning ability, or service life, it has great advantages. But not all cars are suitable for fully synthetic oil

If your car is a family car that has driven more than 100,000 kilometers, then at this time it is enough to use mineral oil or semi-synthetic engine oil, and the fluidity deviation can better protect the place where mechanical wear occurs.

In general, people say that turbocharged models use fully synthetic oil; Naturally aspirated models with semi-synthetic oil. In fact, this is not certain, but also according to the situation of your own car to decide what kind of oil to change.

Then fully synthetic engine oil is generally said to be able to be used for more than a year, in fact, this is all under ideal conditions, just like fuel consumption is the same nature. If the oil leaves the sealed package, it will change materially over time. But it is a turbocharged engine, and often likes to run the engine at high speeds, likes to overtake, etc., then in this case, we should still appropriately shorten the replacement cycle of fully synthetic oil.

So I want everyone to know that the replacement cycle of our oil is actually just a reference value, because our oil dealers do not know under what circumstances we use the car, what are the habits of our drivers? Is it a turbocharged or naturally aspirated engine, and the engine will not have a serious oil burning, so the oil replacement cycle is just a reference value for everyone

The time and mileage of oil replacement are subject to the first come, why is this required? In time, the car does not have to be replaced when the replacement cycle is reached

In addition, when changing the oil, you should pay attention to the general will change the oil three filters, in fact, when changing the oil, you must change the filter, change the air filter. But our gasoline filter element does not need to be changed, even the air filter element can be changed once when changing the oil twice, and the gasoline filter element absolutely does not change every time the oil is changed. This is excessive consumption, we must note that our gasoline filter elements are generally 3 years or 60,000 kilometers can be changed.

Do you know this common sense? If you know, the next time you go anywhere to change the oil, you must remember that I can change the oil filter, don’t be misled to change is to change the oil three filters, in fact, there is no point in spending more money.

So how do you understand those things about maintenance? May be in life, for our car, many people will feel very sorry for it, but we must remember not to over-maintain, because excessive spoiling is also unhealthy for the car.