If you find a mobile phone manufacturer that plays magnets to the extreme, I think it should be Apple. In particular, the emergence of MagSafe has brought new business opportunities to many accessory manufacturers. On Double 11, I took advantage of the price reduction of the iPhone 13 and bought one. The money saved by e-commerce is just enough for me to place a set of accessories for the iPhone 13. Considering that I drive to work every day, need to handle phone calls in the car, or sometimes need to navigate, I decided to buy a car mobile phone holder with magnetic function.

When it comes to car mounts, in fact, the industry leader still can’t bypass iOttie, which is an American brand that has good sales and reputation at home and abroad, and is favored by many stars. In fact, there are many cheap magnetic car mounts on the market, but the overall quality is still a grade worse than iOttie, and at the same time, the design seems to be more or less a tribute to iOttie. Considering that iOttie is not very expensive either, go straight to the best one.

The brand iOttie has won the CES Innovation Award for 5 consecutive years, which shows that it still has a deep foundation in design. Due to the relatively short journey to work, there was originally a charging cable on the car, and in line with the principle of saving money, I started a simple magnetic car mount.

iOttie’s packaging is still relatively simple, with no bells and whistles. Open the box, inside there is an instruction manual, as well as a car mount. In fact, I think the manual can also be saved, because it is not difficult to use at all.

iOttie’s car mount color is indigo blue, the front is made of silicone material, and the feel is still good. But there is a small groove that is easy to stain.

A ball joint is used between the suction cup and the air outlet angle, which can achieve 360° rotation adjustment. The strength of the ball connector is moderate, and the multi-angle adjustment can firmly support the mobile phone.

Next, let’s talk about the suction power of this car mobile phone holder. Because there is only one suction cup, it does not have clips and buckles like other car mounts. At first, I also worried about the suction problem, whether I would fall through poor road conditions. After my test, whether it is placed vertically or horizontally, it can be firmly adsorbed on the stand. Encountering bumpy road conditions in the driving map, what I feared did not appear.

It should be noted that although its adsorption is stable, it will not be difficult to take down the phone. Regarding the compatibility of this product,

iPhone 12/13 series that support MagSafe are available

。 Because the suction is quite good, wear

MagSafe protective case

, can still be firmly adsorbed on the bracket.


As a magnetic car mount of about 100 yuan, iOttie tends to a simple style in the design concept, and it is equivalent to a car decoration in the car. The 360° adjustment allows me to easily find the angle that suits me best, and the excellent suction power does not have to worry about being shocked in poor road conditions. The little friends of the iPhone can rush a wave.