If the trench coat is the symbol of the arrival of autumn, then the knitted vest is the fashion magic weapon of early autumn. How early autumn becomes more fashionable and beautiful than others, the gap lies in a knitted vest.

But we don’t really need much underwear, just have the following three knitted vests ready…

The first one: a cardigan knitted vest

Cardigan knitted vests usually have a button design.

The buttons are exaggerated, and the larger ones will be more designed; The buttons are a little more delicate, and the smaller the knitted vest will be more delicate and gentle.

The cardigan-style knitted vest is also available in solid and printed colors. This light khaki knitted vest on the left is very sweet and vintage with a ruffled shirt. If it is a printed knitted vest, it is paired with a white shirt and a black skirt, which is also very beautiful.

1. How to choose

Solid color cardigan knitted vest needs to choose textured materials, do not choose too stiff or too slim fit,

Loose cardigan knit vest for higher matching possibilities.

It is best to choose a sparse print for the knitted vest of the print style, fine stripes for stripes as much as possible, and small broken flowers for broken flowers.

2. Common collocation recommendations

〈1〉Loose cardigan with short skirt + boots

The knitted waistcoat is a loose, soft midi length that’s just the right amount to cover the hips. The dark blue knitted waistcoat is perfect for layering with a long light blue shirt in the same color.

Choose a longer style for the shirt than the vest, and the hem is staggered so that it does not look bloated.

With a playful black pleated short skirt, go with boots, it will be more textured and high-end.

〈2〉Cardigan knitted vest layered with slim underwear

Loose cardigan knit waistcoat and slim underwear with an elasticated contrast

It is the most common routine for people to wear knitted vests in autumn and winter.

There is also skill in matching knitted vests and underwear.

Light-colored knitted vests are suitable for matching white underwear, and darker knitted vests are suitable for dark, basic color underwear such as brown and dark.

〈3〉Layered over a blazer

The knitted vest can be used not only as an outer layer, but also as an inner layer for layering.

But it is best to choose loose-fitting coats with silhouettes and simple lines,

The blazers, for example, are great!

Only two colors are used in black and white, but by combining the solid color of the suit and pants and the black and white stripe print of the sweater, even black and white can become colorful.

The second piece: a solid-colored vest-style vest

The most common design of many solid-color vests is the vest-like design above. No

The same color, different neckline design, and different weaves will have an impact on the overall style.

A solid-colored vest like this round neck design is more suitable for sisters with slender necks; The dark blue V-neck knitted vest on the right is suitable for layering, and can be adapted to all body types.

The color system with high saturation and low brightness is very white, suitable for layering with light-colored items;

Slightly fat people should not choose a style with a tightened hem and a loose fit; 5. People with short stature should not choose long knitted vests.

People with broad shoulders and thick back, short and thick necks, do not choose a round neck or a U-neck solid color vest; People with long faces and overly thin faces should not choose knitted vests with deep V-necklines.

〈1〉Layered pattern inside

The solid color knitted vest can easily save you from all kinds of unusual print underwear in your wardrobe.

A large printed dress like this one on this young lady is easy to look old alone, but with a lemon yellow knitted vest, it will become retro.

The upper body uses a combination of simple and traditional ideas to match, while the lower body is matched with small white pants to brighten the whole.

The slim design is paired with a pair of cool and handsome knight boots, and an originally old-fashioned plaid shirt suddenly becomes high-class.

〈2〉Layered white basic underwear

If you really don’t know how to match it with a solid knitted vest, then you can try layering it with a white base.

Solid color + white, no matter how it is matched, it will bring a sense of premium.

The first set of brown knitted vests with a tightened hem can be layered with a longer loose white T.

Be sure to show the hem of the white T, with small white shoes,

Very Korean.

The second set of loose knitted vests can be layered with white underwear,

Use the tonal matching method with a white skirt,

Elegant and romantic with autumn and winter atmosphere.

〈3〉Layer elegant skirts

The solid knitted vest can also be worn with a variety of skirts.

Choose a short skirt if the legs are short, and a loose midi skirt if the legs are thick.

Small girls can use a loose vest with a slim skirt and high boots, cute and tall. Slightly chubby girls try to layer vests with loose T-shirts, paired with white midi skirts, lazy and temperamental.

The third piece: a vest with a classic pattern

The most classic patterns of knitted vests are:

Stripes, checks, as well as diamond patterns.

These patterns are not only eye-catching, but also come in a variety of styles.

A black and white check like this will be very advanced with a simple solid color piece. And like the diamond-checked knit vest on the right, casually paired with a white shirt will become preppy and retro.

All patterned knitted vests require careful color selection.

If it is a stripe design, then, it is best to choose a two-color color matching, and the width of the stripe should be moderate, too wide and too thin will appear fat.

If it is a check pattern, then it is best to choose the same color or black and white color matching,

The area of the check should not be too large. If it is a different pattern, do not use contrast color in a large area.

〈1〉Shorts, vests, layered long underwear

When layering the upper body, use the length of the inner and outer layers to distinguish the upper and lower layers,

It is a skill that every sister should master when wearing a vest.

A cropped knitted vest that is near the hip line is paired with a long shirt that covers the hips, and even shark pants that easily expose the legs underneath will not look bulky.

〈2〉Vintage vest with delicate shirt

The classic patterned knitted vest is actually the easiest to create a vintage style.

Just pair it with a solid shirt to easily capture the vintage atmosphere you want.

Like the diamond knit vest here, with a brown shirt, it is more retro in autumn and winter, like a cup of fragrant cappuccino, mellow and gentle.

Finally, let’s review these three knitted vests that are fashionable regardless of age!

1. Try to choose a loose style for the cardigan knitted vest to look better when layered.

2. The solid color knitted vest is more widely matched, and you can’t go wrong with choosing the basic color.

3. Patterned knitted vests need to avoid large areas of color contrast, and layered solid color pieces are more beautiful.

Not in all cases, quantitative change can cause qualitative change, find the right method, choose the right item, this is the key to winning fashion.

Seeing you here, stop your hand to buy in early autumn! In fact, you only need the three knitted vests recommended today, and you can easily have a beautiful autumn~

1. How to choose

1. How to choose

2. Common collocation recommendations

2. Common collocation recommendations