Many friends are struggling when decorating, which brand of socket is better? Which model is better? Sockets are different from other things and involve our safety issues, so we must pay attention when buying and choose good quality. After the on-site test, I will share some experience with you today for your reference when purchasing.

1. Siemens

Siemens is an old brand in Germany, from small switch panels, large refrigerators and washing machines, are very famous, it has a history of more than 120 years, the main thing is quality. It has a thick appearance, looks very textured, and its cost performance is also very high, but there are many fakes on the market, and everyone must go to a regular store to buy it when buying.

2. Schneider

As one of the world’s top 500, it has a long history, a strong market, and a relatively good brand. It is quite good in terms of workmanship or other aspects, but there is a gap underneath, which is easy to accumulate dust. Schneider is expensive, but it makes sense. Schneider’s switch panels have always been in the high price range.

3. Panasonic

Panasonic is a Japanese brand is also the world’s top 500, is an old brand, friends are using Panasonic switch socket, more than ten years a socket has not been changed, Panasonic quality is still very worthy of affirmation, market positioning is actually similar to Siemens, belongs to high-end products, the price from a dozen to hundreds, the cost performance is also relatively high.

4. Legrand

Legrand is a French brand that later acquired TCL. It looks simple and generous, the quality of the socket is still very guaranteed, and the design is more in line with the aesthetics of the Chinese people, very practical, the price is relatively close to the people, it is a rare brand that designs the switch socket well, it is recommended that you sell it online, it is cheaper than the physical store.

5. Bull

We are relatively familiar, although it has not been established for a long time, but the product positioning is very high, and it has a certain reputation in the industry. In the domestic switch panel has been in the lead, its unique design to meet the use of different plugs, it opens the super power protection device and child protection door and other functions, but also won the majority of consumers favor, the quality can be assured, the cost performance is also very high.

6. Simon

It can be regarded as a century-old enterprise, although it is a Spanish brand, it is impeccable in terms of appearance, and the quality is also good, which is worth recommending. The fluorescent gray series of E6 is also relatively new compared to the common white and white bright switch panels. Matte texture, sharp lines, not conventional, more suitable for high-end decoration. Simon is still very good in terms of materials, and there are no particularly outstanding points in other aspects.


ABB is headquartered in Switzerland and is a Fortune 500 company, after all, the quality of high-voltage electricity is absolutely assured! It’s all trifles for R&D. However, ABB’s share and popularity in the domestic market are not high, and the three series of Deyi, Deyun and Yuyi are all 86-type sockets! The price is not very expensive, the design is a strong industrial style, more suitable for matching is not decoration. But there are also certain shortcomings, the design is too dull, the border is a little thick, and the side looks a little prominent, but fortunately, the quality is good, suitable for commercial use!

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