When everyone is not strange to the kitchen paper, especially often cooking little sister little brothers, the kitchen paper towels have become one of their must-have items in their kitchen. The kitchen paper is also known as the kitchen oil absorbing paper, and there is a lot of kitchen paper can be used to sip, and it can be used to wipe water. How is the kitchen used? How should kitchen paper choose? The following small series introduces you to the use of kitchen paper, you can learn how to use the kitchen paper and purchase skills by following the following.


First, how to use

The kitchen paper has two major effects. First, it is used for cleaning home, and the other is to absorb the water moisture and oil.


When the first kitchen paper is used in the kitchen business, I usually use it to suck the moisture of the dish, wipe the furnace, and the hood, etc. Because of its thickness and strong water absorption, it will not leave fur or confetti, so it is also suitable for use in glass windows, mirrors, tables such as non-kitchen locations. Alternatively, the kitchen paper towel can be folded back pads in the oil filter of the oil hood, adsorb excess oil, to avoid stubborn oil stains in the box, convenient to clean. Kitchen paper can also prevent leakage.

The second role is used in food. The first is to suck water, such as frying, use the kitchen paper to suck the fish surface and the water in the pot, and the oil explosion will not occur. After the meat is thawed, blood is bleeding, and it can ensure fresh and health of food with kitchen paper. In addition, the kitchen paper is placed on the kitchen paper before the fridge is put into the refrigerator, which can make food for a long time. As for the oil, put it on the kitchen paper after frying food, let the kitchen paper absorb excess oil, so it is not so tired, of course, is also healthier.

Second, how to buy kitchen paper

First, we must see quality. The choice of thickening, absorbing oil absorbing ability. Usually, choosing a good brand means choosing good quality.

Second, we must see the packaging specifications box paper compared to the package, it is necessary to draw, and ensure the clean hygiene of the kitchen paper, not polluting. Everyone is purchasing according to their usage habits when purchasing kitchen paper.


The above is how the kitchen paper is used and the purchase skills. There are still many domestic kitchen papers, and there are many brands being miscellaneous. We must choose some relatively thick when choosing kitchen paper, because the quality of kitchen paper is very important. The more thick kitchen paper absorbent is quite strong, when choosing the kitchen paper, it is also necessary to choose from their own home habits, because the kitchen is only drawing kitchen paper and packing kitchen paper.