Before every trip abroad, you’ll go on a shopping spree at the airport T3 Duty Free. And this Versace men’s fragrance of the same name has been purchased for 5 consecutive years!

The appearance of the perfume bottle is a glass bottle with a gemstone cut style, and there will be a Medusa relief in the middle of the bottle, through which you can see the light blue liquid of the perfume itself, which is very comfortable at first glance.

Talk about the taste

I’m really a picky person, but this perfume is really invincible.

In fact, after each perfume smells, an imaginary character image will appear in mind. The smell of Versace’s perfume gave me the impression of a wise boy, with black hair, clear eyes, a good face, clean and gentle clothes.

Although this perfume is a little irritating when it just sprays out, it is not too strong and will not choke at once. But after a while, the heart is gentle and smells good. The tail note has a faint musky smell, a very pleasant and warm smell.

The key is that the fragrance of this perfume is very long-lasting, sprayed on the wrist, although there are many hands washed this day, plus bathing at night, but the fragrance can still be maintained until the next day, really not exaggerated.

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Occasions of use

A good perfume can make people glow and give confidence to the owner, and crucially, also impress those around them. After all, there are too many people we need to know in our lives.

And this perfume has such a peculiar effect. In fact, I want to say that this perfume is suitable for all occasions, business, banquets, travel, shopping, eating out, work proposals, etc., without stage fright at all!

Purchase channels and prices

Although the Internet is more developed now, it can also be purchased online. But I travel a lot, so I basically buy it at Beijing T3 Airport Duty Free Shop, because compared to Sanya, Hong Kong Duty Free Shop, and duty-free shops in many countries and cities, it is still the cheapest Beijing T3 Airport Duty Free Shop!

Tips for the correct use of perfume

Many people will think that perfume is good as long as it is sprayed on the body, but it is not, because after all, perfume has a before, during, and after taste, so it must be fully played! So, tell you 4 tips for spraying perfume:

1. Spray in the air, the whole person walks over and lets the perfume gently cover the whole body

Remember to press the perfume from top to bottom, tilting 45 degrees. This method allows the perfume to fall evenly on the body, not sprayed upwards or in parallel, which will not be very effective. However, because spraying in the air will cause some of the loss of perfume, the consumption will be relatively large.

2. Spray on the pulse points on the body

What is a pulse point? Just like the inside of the wrist, but spray here you need to be careful not to rub! Don’t rub! Don’t rub! This is important because friction can cause the internal structure of perfume molecules to be destroyed, thus affecting the change of notes.

Some people also say that spraying on the outside of the wrist will be more durable, I tested it myself, if you don’t have any watch or bracelet on your hand, spraying on the inside will be more durable. However, if you use the computer for a long time to type, the spray on the outside will be more durable.

In addition, other pulse points are behind the earlobe, inside the elbow, behind the knee, and on the naked inside of the foot.

Behind the earlobe

Inside elbow

I am wearing pants today and can only be illustrated with this picture. But if you wear pants, don’t spray here behind your knees. When wearing skirts and shorts, you can drop ~

Behind the knees

Bare inside of the foot

Of course, it is not the more spray the better, these places can choose 2-3 places to spray well, otherwise the fragrance will be stronger, but not good.

3. Spray on the chest position

This is what I saw on foreign websites, it is recommended that you spray it when the pores are opened after bathing, at this time the skin can better absorb the fragrance and leave the fragrance longer.

Remember not to spray through your clothes, otherwise the effect will not be good. My photo is also illustrative of the location.


4. Rub the lotion on the area to be sprayed before spraying perfume

If the skin is drier, the perfume smell will dissipate faster. So you can wipe some lotion (lotion without fragrance) before spraying perfume, which will be better~

I hope these tips will be helpful to everyone!