The chandelier in the living room is the main light source of the entire living room, and it is also an auxiliary decoration of the living room, so the choice of the living room chandelier is naturally matched according to the style of the overall living room, so as to play the finishing touch! Today, I will share with you several sets of common styles of living room chandelier matching cases for the reference of friends who are decorating.

First, modern and simple living room chandelier matching

There are many choices of modern and simple style lamps, and the styles selected in this article are relatively creative, and you can match them according to your overall style.

Second, Chinese living room chandelier matching

There are also many choices of Chinese-style lamps, especially in the modern Chinese style matching, lamps can be biased towards Chinese style or modern, and can also live in between, and combined with the atmosphere of soft decoration, Chinese-style lamps are still very good decorative elements.

Third, the American living room chandelier matching

American-style living room chandeliers are usually design chandeliers with a combination of multiple lights, and the style choices are relatively small, but the matching effect is excellent.

Fourth, Nordic style living room chandelier matching

Nordic style as one of the minimalist modern style, in the choice of living room lamps is also biased towards young creativity, a variety of special-shaped and bold chandeliers may appear in this style, but minimalist chandelier is also easier to match with this style.

Fifth, the pastoral mix and match the living room chandelier

Fan lights, glass lamps, etc., are more common in pastoral mix-and-match, and this kind of chandelier can also be used in American style, but in this way, the style is more mixed.