Truly tasteful men, in the dressing and matching rarely deliberately pursue the difference, exaggerated shape or design will pull down the style of their style, but suits, coats and trench coats in the eyes of the world are conservative and simple items, can make their looks very outstanding.

Fashionista Richard Biedul, a professional model with strong business ability, has never given up these “conservative” items. On the contrary, he also uses these pieces to create quite high-end looks. If you don’t know how to wear a suit, coat and trench coat, learn more about the model’s look.

I have to admit that suits, coats and trench coats are always difficult to highlight their distinctive charm when they appear in daily life, but in fact, if you can choose the right matching and wearing method like Richard Biedul, the look can also shine and show your unique temperament.

First, the gentleman in the suit shows taste

Don’t look at Richard Biedul often with a beard and a back, the whole person looks very old, but he is a real post-80s. This mature and stable image makes him add a bit of unique charm when choosing a suit style, not only soaring masculinity, but also showing an elegant texture.

(1) Choose a suit suit and match the atmosphere without mistakes

When choosing a suit, many people will directly use the suit to create the look, through the uniform color combination of the upper and lower clothes combined with the appropriate fit, the overall look is particularly atmospheric, Richard Biedul is the same. But what is different is that Richard Biedul seems to have a wider range of choices, and he does not stick his looks to deep colors, but is more willing to “challenge” some bright and light color combinations.

The silver-and-white suit is truly eye-catching, creating a gentlemanly and personable look. The burgundy, reddish brown and other more novel and unique suit suits will not look too ostentatious, and they are more advanced with leather shoes.

Of course, in the choice of materials, Richard Biedul has also made a breakthrough, in addition to the conventional smooth fabric, corduroy also makes the texture of the matching greatly increased, and even can be layered with knitted elements to make the look unique.

(2) Suits can also be mixed and matched

Where is Richard Biedul’s sense of fashion reflected? Not only is it an unusual choice for regular wear, but also a way to match it that is already full of fashion trends. Straight suits combined with retro-style denim wide-leg pants, strong style collision immediately makes the style soar in fashion, such a mix and match combination is not common in life, you can try to learn from Richard Biedul’s way of collocation.

Second, there are many choices of coat shapes

In addition to suits that are very practical throughout the year, coats are also one of the most photographed items. In fact, the coat shape does not represent “conservative”, refer to Richard Biedul’s collocation, maybe you can also find inspiration.

(1) Different color systems and different styles

Richard Biedul presented the coat in different styles, and the color scheme seemed to be the biggest deciding factor. When choosing a warm coat, the overall look will also become softer and sunny, resulting in a casual yet low-key wearing effect.

When choosing cool colors and deep colors, the whole person highlights the full masculine atmosphere, creating a fashionable shape that can be business and casual. Compared to warm coats, cool colors can adapt to a wider range of age groups, so if you want to make sure you don’t go wrong with your outfit, try this piece.

(2) There are also abundant options for inner wear

The color of the trench coat has a great influence on the overall style of the look, and at the same time, the inner layer can also make the look more refined. The simple shirt and trousers show a business-like and formal feel, while the wide-leg pants add chic and casual feeling, combined with a casual warm silhouette coat to make the look just right.

Of course, you can also be like Richard Biedul, a coat and suit “dream linkage”, but this look will appear more formal and business-like, suitable for formal occasions. The already imposing long trench coat combined with a straight suit easily presents a tall figure and shows a full sense of luxury.

Third, the trench coat presents a unique fashion

Richard Biedul’s control of the trench coat is equally excellent. Although trench coats have become one of the must-have items for most men in daily life, if you want to wear it beautifully, you still need to learn from the way models wear them.

(1) Start with the choice of color tone

When choosing a trench coat, similar to a coat, the influence of color on the overall styling style should not be underestimated. The most classic khaki will make the overall look fresher, presenting a natural and casual look.

The dark trench coat does not present a fresh breath, but a cool and casual feeling. Usually, the loose cut of the trench coat combined with the A-line fit design will make the look look particularly casual, even if the whole body is black, it will not look dull and heavy.

(2) More abundant material choices

Not only that, but you can also start with the material when choosing a trench coat. In addition to regular fabrics, leather can also enhance your look. Richard Biedul’s A-line trench coat, combined with leather, immediately adds a bit of tough guy flavor and presents a distinctive fashion effect.

The more glossy patent leather material makes the matching fashion feel greater. Combined with the slightly loose fit design, the overall match seems to have a bit of drape, although the shape is very casual, but at the same time it is stylish.

Men with real taste can perfectly control the three simple items of suits, coats and trench coats. Even Richard Biedul, the “world’s most wearable man”, did not give up these three “unremarkable” pieces, but created them into a fashionable look. Referring to the outfit of model Richard Biedul, you can also add style.

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