Spit today

Recently a group of Australians got angry, just because of Jumbo Pearl Lollipop, too! Difficult! Beat! Open! Finish!

Foodies know no borders, and as long as they prevent us from enjoying food, they are doing things!

In fact, why is this anti-human design more than this one?

Today we talk about those strange food packaging that caused severe psychological trauma to our childhood!

The most tragic thing in the world, I can’t eat you in front of me!

When it comes to Jumbo Pearl Lollipop, it is definitely a childhood memory of the 80s and 90s, and how many people go to the commissary after school for it ….

What most people don’t know is that when I was a child, the treasure beads that only sold for 5 cents a piece were actually an imported product from Spain, and the eye-catching sunflower LOGO on the candy packaging was still from the hands of the great artist Dali! Instantly felt that my childhood was a lot taller….

Different from the happy 00s and 10s now, the current lollipop light type can force a dozen “difficult choice” patients to death in minutes!

In that era when materials were still relatively scarce, treasure beads were definitely a sought-after item in the snack industry after the 80s and 90s. Even today’s brother, who has already run for three, occasionally can’t help but come to one!

But every time I eat sugar, there is one thing, which makes today’s brother depressed~ That is, the wrapping paper of the treasure pearl is too difficult to open!

At first, my brother thought that he was just crippled, but today I saw the complaining on the Australian media, and I was surprised to find that this anti-human packaging has been plaguing lollipop lovers around the world!

Jumbo Ball Lollipop, did you hear the cries of Australian foodies? Your packaging is also too difficult to unpack!

Foreigners have collectively conducted an experiment, how much time does it take to open a Jumbo Orb lollipop? As a result, a buddy with the same handicap as today’s brother took almost 40 seconds to open the wrapper….

And that’s not the most exaggerated, you must have seen this. Super domineering Jumbo Orb large lollipop packaging, right?

Your naïve one it opens like this ….

But in fact, it looks like this!

It contains countless normal-sized orbs, and to eat a delicious lollipop, you must first open this large lollipop shell….

When encountering a foodie with poor patience, in order to eat the lollipop right away, the most effective way is to “smash”!

When you get the lollipop exhausted, you find that there is still a layer of wrapping paper waiting for you to unpack! I really feel the malice from the designer!

For children, it is even more difficult to open without the help of a real guy! Designer, please look in my eyes ⤵️

News Corp Australia described it this way: “It’s harder to open Jumbo Lollipop than Bondi’s childcare centre!” ”

Jumbo Pearl was slapped in the face by netizens: “It took 5 minutes to open it!” ”

So, a girl named Klly finally couldn’t bear it, and she publicly scolded the treasure orb on social media and said: “Why is the wrapping paper so difficult to open?!” ”

The official account of Jumbo Orb also responded to the girl: “Sometimes Jumbo Orb is indeed a little difficult to open, but this is to avoid it being damaged and contaminated during transportation, you can try to rotate the bottom of the lollipop package to open it, I hope this can help you”

There are also people on the Internet who recorded a short video of this way of opening….

However, it was embarrassing that the official reply of the Jumbo Pearl was mercilessly slapped in the face by another netizen, “Old lady, I tried all the methods, it took more than 5 minutes to open it, and I was completely uninterested in eating it anymore…”

These anti-human packaging designs, designers must have a grudge with us!

Being a happy foodie is not as easy as you think, because there are always moments that will fill your face….

(Image source: Wukong Q&A screenshot)

Bowl noodles

When it comes to instant noodles, it is a great invention in the eyes of almost every study abroad party, but the folding fork in the bowl noodles suddenly breaks off in minutes and makes people collapse….

Ham sausage

After talking about instant noodles, I want to talk about its good partner ham sausage, but if you want to open the packaging of domestic ham sausage, it can definitely be described as crazy!

Eight treasure porridge

When you look at a big old man, eating eight-treasure porridge with his orchid fingers, please believe me, he may be forced to helpless….

Can pull rings

When you take out a can of chilled Coke on a hot summer day, there is nothing more tragic than pulling the ring off!


Jelly is the favorite of many girls and children, but every time I tear me tear and tear me, the final result is a sigh….

Carton packaging

This is an absolute terrible nightmare for Virgo foodies!

Spicy strips

In recent years, spicy strips can be said to be a big fire, and merchants have also launched such small packages for the convenience of everyone to eat, which is a good thing, but the difficulty factor is 9.99999999….

Braised quail eggs

It is obviously a marinated quail egg, and the package does even have a belt shell, which is not only troublesome to eat, but also makes a table of broken eggshells….

Pack drinks in combinations

This drink packaging looks easy to carry, but when you want to drink it, it is embarrassing if you don’t have scissors around! The picture is so beautiful that I dare not look at it….

Cream cake

Curious what motivates the cake chef to put the cake into an unsuitable box! Hmph, you return my cream

Finally, I feel sorry for all the foodies, and today brother just wants to say: “Please be kind to the foodies around you, because they are eating all their time and have no time to do bad things~”