On June 22, Chen Kun’s son Chen Zunyou posted his own news on social networks, he revealed that he was going to graduate from a foreign school in June, and Chen Zunyou, born in 2002, is 19 years old this year, which is the age of high school graduation.

At this graduation ceremony, Chen Zunyou appeared in a school uniform, he wore a tie and a suit, as if he was already a young man, Chen Zunyou and some of his male classmates stood together, with a very bright smile and a good look. In the group photo, he also stands in the middle position, like a “group pet” among his classmates. Chen Zunyou was reluctant to leave these brothers who had been with each other for many years, because most of them were from different places, and this time they did not know when they would meet again.

In addition to the photo with his male classmates, Chen Zunyou also sent several other graduation photos, one of which was a photo of him and two hot girls, Chen Zunyou hugged the long-haired girl in white pants and yellow suspenders, and on the other side was a yellow-haired girl in a crop top, it seems that everyone has a good relationship.

Chen Zunyou’s graduation dynamics also appeared a familiar figure, this person is the girl who frequently had scandals with Chen Zunyou before, this girl behaves intimately with him as if showing affection, and the two are super close to each other when eating, very much like a small couple.

Chen Kun also had a public photo with his son Chen Zunyou’s gossip girlfriend, and everyone jokingly called Chen Kun the girl’s “quasi-father-in-law”, but Chen Kun was too young, and the two looked like the same age.

However, when celebrating his graduation happily, a dinner picture of Chen Kun’s son Chen Zunyou caused heated discussions among netizens, because netizens found that Chen Zunyou was suspected of having dinner with Chen Kun’s nanny, and coincidentally, the nanny has been suspected of being the biological mother of Chen Kun’s son for many years?

There was a lot of discussion on the Internet, and Chen Kun’s fans wanted to sue the rumor-mongers so that he could protect himself and his son, but Chen Kun obviously did not agree with this approach, and he did not want to argue with the rumor-mongers about right and wrong.

Chen Kun’s practice may be related to his current mentality, he feels that living his life well is happiness, and the disturbances from the outside world are not important, do you agree with Chen Kun’s approach?