Many parents will take their children to participate in outdoor, close to nature, and exercise their child’s ability to suffer, sports skills and physique. But how many parents may not be clear about how to dress when children participate in outdoor movements.

The child participating in the outdoor movement is basically the same as the adult, but there is also a difference.


About children’s winter outdoor sports dressing principles:

1. Three-layer dressing principle:

Take a sterally, middle warm layer, outer windproof layer.

2. Alternative clothing principle:

Always help your child more, winter temperature changes, big and evening temperatures, always have more time to deal with the temperature difference and temperature in the morning and evening.

3. Dressing and deducting the principle:


The child is lively, the amount of exercise is large and sweating. Winter outdoor, exercise when exercising, even sweating, I will feel cold for a while. Don’t be afraid of trouble, add to the downturn. When starting, do your warm-up, take a while, just reduce one. Rest in the middle, if time is slightly longer, add one to your child immediately. Prevent the cold and heat, causing the child to catch cold.

About jackets:

Generally, the function of the jacket is the windproof and waterproof, in fact, the function of the raincoat. The raincoat is not breathable, it will make people feel stuffy. Jackets are a breathable raincoat.

The common three-in-one jackets in China are added in the shirt, which is generally fleece, cotton, down.

Regarding the principle of purchasing jackets for children:

Strong protection:

Ensuring that the child is not limited, waterproof and cold, protect the body from stone branches.

2. Dirty resistance:

Children are more powerful, the jacket must be dirty, the anti-tearness is strong, or if you can’t use a few times, you will hang it.

3. Beautiful and generous:

Adults may pay more attention to functionality and practicality, but the child’s clothing must be bright and beautiful.

Several questions about buying jackets for children:


1. What should I do if the impact waterproof index should be?

As a minor, children should not participate in high-intensity or risk outdoor activities, more absence of outdoor sports under bad weather. I believe that China’s eagle dad tiger is not much. So the child’s jacket waterproof requirement is not too high, and it can be made to prevent water.

The waterproof and breathable of the jacket are two relatively contradictory and opposing indicators. The child’s exercise is large, sweating, and the jacket will lead to insufficient gas permeability. The sweat can not be volatilized in the body surface, and the child is more likely to catch cold, in Under the environment of low temperature, the body surface is unable to volatilize quickly.

Of course, it is necessary to emphasize waterproof and breathable double high indicators, you can purchase foreign high-end brands. Usually tens of thousand yuan.

2. Which material is selected in the three-in-one jacket?


The three-in-one jacket is in the middle of the warm layer with fleece, down, cotton clothes. Under daily, it can be used. But when exercise outdoors, it is still good for fleece.

The advantage of the down is light, warm in keeping, of course, duvet quality and filling. But the disadvantage is that it will immediately lose warmth. The child sweats, and the warm layer with the down is clearly unpleasant.

The cotton sufficiency is poor, relatively low, and it is easy to lose insulation. It is not suitable for outdoor sports.

The fleece is good, breathable, and is the only laundry that can still be insulated in the moisture state. Insulation and breathable, there is still a certain waterproof, so the preferred is a fortune. The only disadvantage of fleece is heavier, which is a burden on the long line, but the child has few long lines.